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Crochetting a waistcoat

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Gingster Sat 16-Mar-24 08:18:30

Hello fellow crochetters.
I love crochetting but always make granny squares for blankets. I’ve made so many that have been gratefully received by one and all.
Now I want to progress and make myself a ‘patchwork’ waistcoat. I’ve made lots of squares but don’t know how to assemble them.
Any ideas please.

Primrose53 Sat 16-Mar-24 09:31:14

Maybe google Granny Square waistcoat. I have seen patterns.

MiniMoon Sat 16-Mar-24 11:34:25

Have a look on YouTube, there are loads of tutorials there.
I made a granny square coatigan a while ago. To shape the v neck I crocheted two granny triangles. You'll find tutorials for those on YouTube too.

Esmay Sat 16-Mar-24 12:18:59

YouTube is your best bet as MiniMoon writes .
Apparently , crocheted cardigans in for the summer .
Now I really regret not learning to crochet .
We have free classes at my church twice a month .
I had enough trouble learning to knit !
I think that I might buy one
By the time , I've turned the air blue trying to crochet a square summer would have passed and with it my teacher's patience !

ginny Sat 16-Mar-24 12:29:48

Love the cardigan MiniMoon. Have put it in my list of projects.

Gingster Sat 16-Mar-24 15:51:56

Thankyou all and I’ll have a look on you tube

Oldnproud Sat 16-Mar-24 16:45:02

Look up Granny Square Cardigan by Kaitlin Barthold on Ravelry.

I have been toying with the idea of making something like that, but slightly longer, and possibly using a different design of granny square.
It is made with squares measuring 4" x 4", so easy to personalize if you dont want to use the exact squares given in the pattern.

Sorry, but I wasn't able to copy and paste photos of it, but if you find it on Ravelry you will see photos and there is a link to the blog, where the pattern is available free, and where there is also a link to a YouTube video that shows how to join the squares together with slip stitch.

Oldnproud Sat 16-Mar-24 17:00:51

I've put a link to the relevant Ravelry page:

You will see lots of people's versions of the pattern if you view 'projects' while on that page.

Perspnally, I particularly like the daily granny squares used in this version:

Oldnproud Sat 16-Mar-24 17:01:55

Daisy granny squares, not daily ... !

Gingster Mon 18-Mar-24 07:21:11

Thanks everyone.
If I do get it completed, I’ll put a pic on here.
Happy crochetting!

lixy Mon 18-Mar-24 08:29:20

I haven't made enough squares yet but am working towards assembling this granny square cardigan.

Hope your project goes well. smile