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Knitted dog/cat blanket for Battersea dogs/cats home

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Purplepixie Thu 21-Mar-24 10:47:22


Well, as some of you know I knit a lot for Battersea cats/dogs home and so far have knitted over 100 over a few years. This is the latest one that I posted off this morning. Knitted using DK and chunky wool on 8mm knitting needles. I knit them to look like squares but they are actually done in long lengths to save with the sewing up, which I hate.

Callistemon21 Thu 21-Mar-24 10:51:31

Well done Purplepixie, that will be cosy for some poor dog in need.

I've just handed in a lot of squares to be joined to make blankets for charity, thankfully other willing knitters have offered to join them.

Callistemon21 Thu 21-Mar-24 10:52:26

Love the little ❤ in the corner!

AGAA4 Thu 21-Mar-24 12:09:17

What a very kind thing to do. The dogs are lucky to have such cosy blankets.

Purplepixie Thu 21-Mar-24 13:03:23

Thank you so much.

Lovetopaint037 Thu 21-Mar-24 19:22:22

My disabled sister in law knits dog blankets and my brother takes them to dog kennels. SIL says it makes her feel useful and gives her something to do.

Joseann Thu 21-Mar-24 19:30:58

That's lovely Purplepixie. My dog would like it. He's the same colour orange ginger as the square in the bottom left corner!

Purplepixie Fri 22-Mar-24 10:42:03

Thank you so much. I’m going to make a one for my friend’s dog next. X

Witzend Fri 22-Mar-24 10:47:43

Your blankets are always brilliant, purplepixie, I know Battersea are so grateful!

Greenfinch Fri 22-Mar-24 11:10:18

As I mentioned once before, our Battersea rescue cat sleeps on his knitted blanket every night. .It would be nice if it were one of yours Purplepixie. It is the same style

Purplepixie Sun 24-Mar-24 14:00:45

Greenfinch - that is fabulous that you have a rescue cat from Battersea. Can you post a photo of the blanket please? I have asked Battersea if they could send a photo of an animal sat on one of blankets but I can understand that they are much too busy to do so.

Greenfinch Sun 24-Mar-24 20:52:26

Here is our cat sitting on his favourite blanket(hopefully!)

Purplepixie Mon 25-Mar-24 08:55:17

You have such a beautiful cat! No, sorry that is not one of my dog/cat blankets but I am so pleased that your cat love theirs. Take care and have a lovely day.