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Pixieboots Sat 23-Mar-24 15:07:31

Its been years since using my flat bed knitting machine and I want to make a cowl or snood. Im sure there is a way to cast off the cast on edge at the same time as casting off the machine to make a loop without having to sew up to make a loop. Ive searched the internet but can’t find anything. Is anyone able to explain or point me in the direction of a good tutorial. Many thanks.

Pixieboots Sun 24-Mar-24 11:21:24

Anyone ?

Westcoaster Sun 24-Mar-24 12:40:21

Have you looked on YouTube? I’ve found it invaluable in my quest to learn how to use my machine.

Pixieboots Sun 24-Mar-24 13:47:50

Yes, Westcoaster, I can’t find anything on you tube, only how to do basic cast of of the knitted piece.

Mogsmaw Sun 24-Mar-24 18:16:28

I’m not sure what you’re planning but are you thinking of picking up the cast on edge and casting the two off together?
If it’s that you’ll have to think about the cast off being on the right side.
The easiest way to do it is to start on waste yarn and knit off at the end also on waste yarn. Pick-up either end with right side facing you, pick-up the other end on the same needles and cast both off together. That way you have a tube with the cast off on the inside.

AskAlice Sun 24-Mar-24 18:27:57

Oh my! This reminds me of a lecture I attended (by mistake) on Quantum Physics grin

Mogsmaw Sun 24-Mar-24 21:24:56

Love quantum physics!
My best ever watching university challenge was all three questions on quantum physics correct. ( I haven’t done physics since school and Quantum physics wasn’t on the curriculum!)
That shut DH up for days.
When you use a knitting machine the “wrong side” is facing out.

Pixieboots Sun 24-Mar-24 21:30:31

Brilliant, thanks Mogsmaw. Thats exactly what I want - a tube with the cast off on the inside. Your instructions have sort of refreshed my memory (I had thought I was imagining I’d done this in the past). Im going to try this out in the next couple of days. I’ll report back on my progress !

AskAlice Mon 01-Apr-24 08:43:21

Mogsmaw - I am in awe!!

petra Mon 01-Apr-24 08:58:44

Here’s one ( there are lots more)

Pixieboots Tue 02-Apr-24 16:21:29

Thanks for the link Petra. I cast off using a latch tool which I find much easier than using a needle. Also I want to cast off the first row of stitches at the same time as the last row so
I dont have to sew the edges together. I can see that this video sews the sides together.
Ive not had chance to try Mogsmaw’s instructions yet but I will report back.

Pixieboots Tue 02-Apr-24 16:22:30

Sorry, I use a transfer tool to cast off not a latch tool.