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Crocheted waistcoat

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Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 07:35:13

I love crochetting and have made ‘umpteen’ blankets. This time I decided to make myself a waistcoat. Ive done all the squares and am now trying to assemble them and having great difficulty. I’ve looked on YouTube but it hasn’t helped.

Any thoughts from you clever crafty grans! Please!

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 07:54:25

In what way are you stuck Gingster? Is it the shoulders/armholes that are the problem? Any chance of a photo showing how far you've got with it?

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 08:11:02

If you look at lixy's suggestion on your other thread and remove the arm squares that should give you a basic pattern, I think.

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 08:17:15

Hi Mizuna,
I’ve got the back crocheted together
Two fronts and
Two sides
Just can’t seem to fathom it 🤯
Thanks for responding

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 08:29:51

Forgive the crude scrawling on your image lixy! In your picture I can't see anywhere for your neck to go Gingster. There should be two bits that hang down the front and a wider one at the back. Then there are separate gussets for the sides, if that makes sense?

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 08:39:42

Like this.

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 09:07:30

Ah that’s great thanks.
I’ll give it a go this afternoon and let you know . ❤️

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 09:11:02

Have fun!!!!!

RosiesMaw Sat 30-Mar-24 09:49:24

Does this inspire anybody to greater heights?
I have already warned my sons in law to be afraid, very afraid!

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 10:24:16

Brilliant! 😂😂

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 12:28:44

Wowsers! 😂

Primrose53 Sat 30-Mar-24 15:03:50

Or a crochet thong for the man in your life. 😉

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 15:35:19

All done Mizuna. Followed your sketch and it all made sense.
Thankyou 👍

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 15:36:10

Finished article . Can’t seem to post a pic . I’ll try again later

Marthjolly1 Sat 30-Mar-24 16:53:35

If you search on Pinterest under crochet cardigans/coats there are some very good photos how to layout your item. I'm doing something similar at the moment

midgey Sat 30-Mar-24 17:24:28

My mum made me a waistcoat just like that in the late sixties. I loved it!

Oreo Sat 30-Mar-24 17:25:07

OMG that pic of blokes in crocheted outfits, so funny😂
There’s a family on Gogglebox who’s lounge is full of knitted and crocheted blankets, jumpers and outfits I sometimes wonder if they’re made of yarn too.

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 18:16:59

That's great Gingster, so glad it's worked for you!

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 20:22:57


lixy Sat 30-Mar-24 20:30:42

That waistcoat looks super Gingster and I bet it's comfortable to wear. Hope you enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Mizuna Sat 30-Mar-24 21:09:05

Looks lovely Gingster!

Gingster Sat 30-Mar-24 22:08:44

Thanks for all your kind comments.
I’m very pleased with it xx

MiniMoon Sat 30-Mar-24 22:32:37

Well done, it looks lovely.