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Anyone else do quilling?

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CraftyPagan Wed 03-Apr-24 12:55:50

I do a lot of crafting, but my favourite is quilling, which is rolling up narrow strips of coloured paper, making shapes with them to form petals, leaves and other things.
Here’s some I’ve made.

The round one is 58cm diameter and now hangs on my sitting room wall.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 13:03:13

Beautiful. You are very talented.

Beechnut Wed 03-Apr-24 13:04:15

They are beautiful CraftyPagan. I have tried it but no way am I in your league.

Pantglas2 Wed 03-Apr-24 13:45:58

I had a go once but my effort paled into mediocrity next to everyone else’s….broke my 💔!

I started diamond art on a cruise recently and took to that straight away…

Gingster Wed 03-Apr-24 14:02:11

Yes I used to do a lot of quilling. Christmas and birthday cards mainly.
Your pictures are beautiful. A lot of work has gone into those.
I might get my kit out and start one .
Thanks for the inspiration.

CraftyPagan Wed 03-Apr-24 14:40:47

Thank you smile

Nmama Fri 05-Apr-24 21:35:39

Oh, that's wonderful! I'd never heard of it!

ginny Fri 05-Apr-24 21:42:19

Lovely work CraftyPagan.

Whiff Mon 08-Apr-24 11:45:44

CraftyPagan beautiful work you are very talented.

pascal30 Mon 08-Apr-24 13:33:44

I've done quilling CraftyPagan and really enjoyed it. I used to run groups for MH clients but I was never upto your standard. Those are spectacular..

pascal30 Mon 08-Apr-24 13:35:32

Pantglas your piece is really lovely..

JudyBloom Mon 08-Apr-24 13:36:45

lovely work CraftyPagan.

biglouis Mon 08-Apr-24 13:44:34

An interesting craft with a long history. I sometimes come upon examples being in the antiques trade. Never tried it myself and imagine it must require a lot of patience and dexterity. Your examples are beautiful.

SkylarMartinez Wed 17-Apr-24 21:22:04

Your quilling works look amazing! I so admire your talent and patience to create such beautiful paper shapes. The round diameter should look great on the living room wall - it is truly unique and original decoration.

Calendargirl Thu 18-Apr-24 07:04:14

I thought the title was misspelt, and was really ‘quilting’.


Astitchintime Thu 18-Apr-24 07:19:09

Great work CraftyPagan. Do you display them in a box frame.....I would be concern about the amount of dust they'd attract otherwise.

It is one craft I have never tried although my DD had a kit when she was young.

NotSpaghetti Thu 18-Apr-24 09:14:45

I haven't done this since the (early?) 1980s when I used this for birthday and Christmas cards. My children enjoyed making things with this craft too.

I still have my "kit" of twisty pin things abd lots of papers of different types/widths and even some I cut myself where I wanted a particular effect. I liked having swirls/shapes that were wider at one end than the other or undulated.

My work was more abstract and in some cases involved other craft items such as wires and glass beads as well as paper ones. Some were quite a lot more 3d.

Yours are very beautiful - and very different - so many 100s of hours.