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Has anyone turned their hobby or passion into a business or is thinking of it

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NicolaAnne Wed 15-Sep-21 17:30:19


I'm looking to chat or connect with anyone who is looking at starting a business in their 50s.

Scooty413 Thu 16-Sep-21 11:04:51

I don't have a business as such, although I do occasionally have a stall at local craft fairs to sell my crafts. I don't make a profit as crafting is my hobby.

NotSpaghetti Sat 18-Sep-21 09:47:53

What do you do Nicola?

Skydancer Sat 18-Sep-21 09:52:29

Have you looked at Etsy? Lots of craft people sell on there. You might be better to try a website like that or Ebay rather than make one of your own. If you enjoy gardening you will be surprised how many people will buy plants. I have sold plants on Ebay even though loads of garden centres sell on there.

aggie Sat 18-Sep-21 09:55:36

I make cards , I did start selling them but it took all the fun out of my hobby , I now just make my cards to send to family and friends
I guess I was lucky not to need to sell them for financial gain as it definitely cost more to make than to sell , same for any hand craft , it’s impossible to factor in the cost of your time