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ginny Tue 16-Aug-22 11:59:58

I’m really enjoying some drawing and watercolour classes at the moment.
Lots to learn yet though.
This is my first attempt at any kind of animal.

Gillycats Tue 16-Aug-22 12:02:20

That’s lovely! I really enjoy my art classes, I started last September. I’m not very good but I get so much pleasure from it.

Philippa111 Tue 16-Aug-22 12:04:40

Ginny, That's heart meltingly sweet! Lets see more as you progress.

StarDreamer Tue 16-Aug-22 12:49:42

Hello ginny

That is really good.

Can you say something about how you produced it please?

First of all, did you do it on paper or in a computer software package please?

If on paper, what sort of paper and how did you get such a good photograph of it?

How big is the picture please?

Did you draw it in pencil first and then colour-in or did you paint directly with the paint?

What sort of paint please? Watecolours come in many levels, from the inexpensive sets in supermarkets to very expensive paint made with traditional high quality pigments, and various levels in between.

Which brush or brushes did you use please?

Have you considered uploading the image to an online printing facility and getting printed copies? There are greeting cards and loose sheets on various types of paper and card available.

Aveline Tue 16-Aug-22 12:59:49

Very good. Watercolour painting is unimaginably difficult to me. Well done.

Squiffy Tue 16-Aug-22 13:57:23

Ginny your picture is adorable! You’ve really captured the cat’s expression and the fur really looks like fur. 👏👏👏

Witzend Tue 16-Aug-22 13:59:17

How clever you are - that’s lovely! I couldn’t produce anything like that if my life depended on it - no artistic ability whatever.

ginny Tue 16-Aug-22 17:13:13

Thank you for all your kind words. The classes are giving me so much confidence to just enjoy the time creating.
Stardreamer I used watercolour paper and Rowney watercolour block paints.
It is about 30 cms square.
I drew a rough outline sketch and then painted. two brushes, sizes 6 and 2.
I took the photo with my iPhone.

ginny Tue 16-Aug-22 17:15:04

Witzend I’m told that everyone can draw. In fact the name of the course is ‘ I CAN DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE’

StarDreamer Tue 16-Aug-22 17:43:19

Thank you, ginny.

Baggs Tue 16-Aug-22 19:22:25

Well done, ginny. I'm having a go at some watercolour painting too. It's enjoyable being on such a steep learning curve!!

Mancjules Tue 16-Aug-22 22:02:09

I have used watercolours for years and have just bought some watercolour pencils. They are great for wet sketching and you can add extra water to soften lines etc.

StarDreamer Tue 16-Aug-22 22:09:01

Having become interested because of this thread I have been reading about paper blocks so that one does not need to tape the paper down. If I remember correctly there is something about taping watercolour paper down to stop it buckling. Is that correct?

Hello ginny, did you need to tape the paper down please?

Can watercolour be done on canvas or does it have to be done on paper?

ginny Tue 16-Aug-22 22:40:26

I didn’t in this instance as it was small. I used a couple of small bulldogs clips on a board.
I was told it is best to tape if making a larger painting.
Not sure about watercolour on canvas .

StarDreamer Tue 16-Aug-22 22:42:35

Thank you, ginny.

Witzend Tue 16-Aug-22 22:54:06


Witzend I’m told that everyone can draw. In fact the name of the course is ‘ I CAN DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE’

Ha, maybe after some sort of a fashion, but to anyone like me, that’s a bit like telling tone deaf people they could learn to sing more or less in tune. Thanks, but I will stick to things I have at least some aptitude for. My art teacher’s comment on my report was invariably one word - ‘Weak’.
(Though to be fair, she could have said, ‘Utterly hopeless.’)