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felice Thu 13-Sep-12 13:29:18

My 7 month old grandson started taking solid food last month and really took to it well, now for the past few days when he takes more than 3 or 4 spoonfuls he starts screaming as though in pain. he is getting unsweetened baby cereal and pureed home-cooked food, I am a chef and cook especially for him. He is going to see his Doctor tomorrow but we wondered if anyone else has come across this. we tried giving him just his bottle for a couple of days then trying again, but the screaming started. He wants to eat and doesn't really want just a bottle.

minette Thu 13-Sep-12 13:41:40

Hello Felice

Poor little chap. I wonder if he might be teething? Sometimes as the teeth cut through (and before you can really see them) it can cause a lot of pain and perhaps he is eating because he wants to but then refusing more because the pain isn't worth it?

felice Thu 13-Sep-12 14:04:40

I thought of that, his first 2 teeth popped through last month, and didn't seem to bother him at all, his Mother was the same, no teething problems and he doesn't seem to be in pain at any other time. Perhaps we could try some Tgel on his gums before a meal. Thanks.

soop Thu 13-Sep-12 14:18:56

felice Our wee man went through a similar phase at 7 months. The discomfort was almost certainly connected with his tender gums. His mummy would also use a small amount of Tgel. It's such a shame, isn't it? No sooner has a wee one recovered from the distress of colic, when teething troubles kick in. Every phase eventually passes. Although at the time, the poor parents suffer as much as the baby.

whenim64 Thu 13-Sep-12 14:33:21

Very likely teething is making him cry. Try putting teething gel on before he eats, different shaped spoon (shallower or deeper), calpol half an hour before eating if it's really distressing him, freeze gel soother to chew on and numb gums. Hope it soon goes - my daughter has teething twins - over 10 months, dribbling like mad and not a one in sight despite all the signs.

Greatnan Thu 13-Sep-12 14:36:01

One of my gs started being very unhappy when he was weaned off the breast and his face swelled up as though he was on steriods. We found out he was lactose intolerant. Once he was given water instead of milk to drink with his solids, he was fine. He grew out of it, and is now a strapping 6' 3" and he drinks pints of milk.

Nanadogsbody Thu 13-Sep-12 14:43:56

If it's starting after just a few spoonfuls then it's likely to be mouth-related. Could be teeth or little ulcers. One of our GC went though this just before he came out in chickenpox spots.

felice Thu 13-Sep-12 15:35:37

Thanks everyone, I have just spoken to my daughter and she will try the Tgel. He sees the Paedeatrician tomorrow so we shall see what he says. We are in Belguim and Papa has panicked a little !!!!!!!

felice Sat 15-Sep-12 08:31:06

Hi everyone, the very expensive doctor yesterday agreed with all of you, it's his teeth, I think perhaps there was a bit of,' I told you we should have listened to my Mum' from DD to her hubby. So here we go with the Tgel.

soop Sat 15-Sep-12 12:45:35

felice smile's a passing phase.