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406 tinaf1

UK Duty on gifts

10 SueH49

Broken relationship with sister

27 Lizzyflip

Did you know you could googled using your GN name?

115 ananimous


27 JuliaM

Daughter has very faint line on pregnancy test

35 Mamma66

My hair looks like straw :(

9 Daisymae

How old are you in your head?

147 cas58

Siblings sharing a bed

96 endlessstrife

Gift suggestions 7 yr old GS

19 LullyDully

Is the naming of colours subjective?

80 M0nica

1960's Midwives

21 Jane10

Water stations at marathons

3 Barmeyoldbat

London bus route

24 Newquay


82 Hawera1

What do we all think about the new lot of Age UK ads? They're everywhere!

7 Daisymae

Grandma , Nana what other name options ?

71 Lizzle10

Curtain advice needed, please!

11 phoenix

Countertop dishwashers

7 humptydumpty

Not yet standing alone at 18 months

45 Cold

Lives of Women in the 1960s

3 GrannySomerset


56 vegansrock

Did you know it’s Random Acts of Kindness day today?

22 Dottydots

Which automatic car?

19 V3ra

Am I being racist?

96 SalsaQueen

I confronted my MiI, advice please.

98 MawB

Son seperated and I feel betrayed

40 patcaf

Challenges with DIL

51 DoraMarr

Help needed - tooth fairy

39 SirChenjin

My freezer has been switched off - help

22 Callistemon

Coronavirus - should we prepare?

91 M0nica

What is your favourite Gransnet conversation?

127 Applegran

Feeling hurt, should I say something?

81 ganmaj


28 M0nica

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

27 Yehbutnobut

Did you ever have "one of those days?"

36 Callistemon

What should I take ?

34 curvygran950

My Dentist will not pull my teeth out.

30 Blinko

Should I feel bad?

23 Davida1968

How much to give?

37 Maggiemaybe

Cost of new tv aerial

4 JuliaM

Draught proofing help

5 M0nica

DS’ girlfriend wanted a baby, they conceived , she ended relationship.

17 Laineynanna

What can we do to help?

192 Marydoll

What time do you go to bed?

114 Marydoll

How to cope with jealous daughter

20 Grannyjay

Deleting ‘I’m on’ threads

4 SirChenjin

UK family hols

17 SueH49

Naughty secrets?

72 SirChenjin

Coverage for broken veins

11 SalsaQueen