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What would you do ?

3 BlueBelle

Nervous about imminent birth of grandchild

9 dragonfly46

New grandchild presents from my friends

34 Gonegirl

House guests with “needs!”

76 onlyruth

Problem with neighbours feeding wildlife

57 Joplin

Grand mother - grand child generation gap

51 WishIwasyounger

Anyone been outside yet?

40 Fennel

Smart Meters - are they better than they were?

27 Urmstongran

House clearance

7 Tedber

Good foundation for mature skin.

14 fizzers

No confidence

14 Patsy70

Is it really 57 years?


The Swedish Royal Family

5 EllanVannin

Which wet-shave razor is best?! Sooooo many of them!

33 jhonmiller

School parking

91 harrigran

Dental neuralgia

10 Carenza123

Tolerant or Intolerant?

109 notentirelyallhere

threatening son

89 grapefruitpip

Daughter reporting me. What should you do?

17 Nanastomant

Contact with my GD-Where do I start?

17 Nannysprout

Retiring to the coast on my own

14 glammanana

Help! Slugs! Food waste caddy!

13 Drum1234

Home visit for ear syringing?

25 Jane10

Is this safe to eat ?

27 Blinko


21 harrigran

Sore feet

13 BlueBelle

Back to square one

70 glamgran2013

Automatic car update

3 Tangerine

Shopping & buying the first pram

48 GrannySomerset


91 Pythagorus

Discussions of the day?

3 Greenfinch

DM Mag-Kate the great special

15 Ngaio1

Award moment with daughter

23 lemongrove

Alpaca gloves and socks?

15 Melbourne1992


86 Nanna58

Advice on trip to NYC

16 Juicylucy

my first baby shower!

16 agnurse

What's for breakfast?

89 KatyK

Where do you get your news? TV? Online? Papers? Social media?

43 henetha

Feeling useless

4 Hetty58

Virue signalling

8 notentirelyallhere


81 Nanny41

GD too skinny - worried sick

44 ElaineI

Loving relationship with married adult DS?

113 Hithere


10 Davidhs

Girl Guide leader expelled from post.

190 FarNorth

Changing from bottle to breast

9 stella1949

North East skinny dip

5 Greyduster

If my husband doesn't die in the next four years, I will be destitute.

106 M0nica

Potty training

54 rosjack22