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Disturb sleep

13 Stansgran

Disturb sleep

4 Ali08

Best alcohol-free bubbly?

8 Ali08

how to handle rejection from grandchildren

14 sharke61

Meeting up

8 annsixty

Funeral plans..

60 DiamondLily

Pondering the Dragon/Tomato thing!!

17 Anniebach

I can’t cope with friend’s eating disorder

23 Patsy70

Thames boat trip, what to wear, help please.

53 annodomini

Repatriation of ashes - any experiences?

20 Callistemon21

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

355 orangegay99

Cake baking by Lakeland Bread Maker

3 Devorgilla

Silver Wedding help please

4 J52

Hive - where is yours?

20 Ailidh

What on Earth!!!

40 Sasta

Quiz book or website

8 teabagwoman

Please me choose a ring… 💍

103 cornergran

walking sticks

22 MayBee70

Can't find my favourite toilet rolls

41 Fleurpepper

Waterproof walking shoes

10 NotSpaghetti

Old money

8 Aveline

child taken abroad bu son's x partner

58 Nannashirlz

Shoulder pads - does anyone still wear them?

5 Blinko

Is it cheaper to live abroad? Anyone done it?

132 pen50

Flu vaccine side effects

20 Ailidh

Advice on selling unwanted clothes

46 NanaTuesday

Adult daughter (56) needs to move out

20 pascal30

Comparing Oneself

36 LouLou23

Any suggestions?

17 Allsorts

Temu ‘known for its rock bottom prices’ investigated.

38 Squiffy

Gift card for use in France

11 Mamie

15 minutes of fame

33 Franbern

Trains that stop on request.

6 tanith

Holiday without booking?

3 Theexwife

I don't want to take Statins. Advice please.

242 Northernlass

Navy Jersey Trousers - where can I get them?

39 Juliet27

How to handle the move to a care home

37 aonk

Advice on Air fryers and Halogen cookers please.

16 MiniMoon

Cleaning tv screen

4 Theexwife

Dog not eating properly

56 0ddOne


40 mrsgreenfingers56

Relationship advice needed please

67 pascal30

Birthday ideas for sister in law seriously ill

59 JLR1220

2 year old grandaughter, concerns

33 Farmor15


23 Shinamae

Worried for 8 year old granddaughter

16 Phillips

Do you tip your hairdresser?

122 SueD

Facial Hair!

21 Jaxjacky


13 Oreo

Loft boarding

13 travelnan