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Help with thinking of imaginative games for GC

2 Esther1

donating Christmas presents

34 SalsaQueen

You every wonder what did you do wrong?

48 Hetty58

Flower delivery service

18 Kalu

Present ideas for a gran spending Christmas alone

48 craftyone

Mother-in-law stopping by unannounced

214 Starlady

Can anyone remember the Advent Calende?

14 GrandmaKT

Automatic renewals on services

7 GrandmaMoira

Christmas starter

29 SueH49

Christmas Day Lunch and i want it to go well

11 3nanny6

Excess bedding to give away

23 sunseeker

What shall I do?

109 dragonfly46

Any ideas?

21 BradfordLass72

I feel shut out

51 agnurse

What to Do For The Best??

106 Thyme

Any ideas for a gift for newborn who will have everything?

87 grandtanteJE65

What on earth do I do

55 inkcog

Boomerang children

31 Apricity

What are your (family-related) New Year's resolutions?

21 inkcog

Losing their grandparents

13 BradfordLass72

Cloudy wine glasses

14 MiniMoon

When to step back

32 Fennel

Son in law discipline

27 grandtanteJE65

I'm so cross

82 ReadyMeals

Visit to grandchildren

17 Nansnet

How much can I write?

10 BradfordLass72

Which son for Christmas?

77 V3ra

Last posting dates

3 tanith

New Kitchen Phobia

109 GrandmaMoira

Present for 11 year old boy.

14 Davida1968

What colour tights ....?

21 Grammaretto

Just wondering...WFA

13 NannyJan53

Cookery subscription for Children

7 kittylester

Financially free people answer, please

73 Naty

Have you ever donated to Wikipedia?

12 grannyactivist

How to say no to Dogs after breakup

67 kwest

I’m simply fuming! Am I being unkind?

39 Jaxie

Asking Questions about my Finances

67 NotSpaghetti

Advice please

31 BlueBelle

Help, Help!

68 NfkDumpling

Do you wear a wig?

23 Daddima

Birthday reminder app?

7 NanaMacGeek

Think about others on public transport.

39 dogsmother

What time do you get up?

109 rosieod1

Daily emails

34 CariGransnet

Separation Anxiety

22 cornergran

Gift ideas

9 Sara65

Elderly mum.

8 Alexa

returning home to uk

26 Abuelana

need female friends to meet up with

29 Eileen1911