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What am I doing wrong?

18 Shel69

What to call son's partner

57 Shel69

Ready for a new challenge?

26 nipsmum

I need honest advice

26 rosie1959

Anyone been outside yet?

7 GagaJo

Smeg range cooker anyone?

18 Norah

Mother's Day card

16 PoppyBlue

Doing things for the last time

85 Warbler

financial planning for grandchildren

37 karmalady

Deposit request for room reservation

45 halfpint1

Why do some people think that the wheelie bin fairies actually exist?

49 biglouis

Doing Things for the First Time

2 Nannylovesshopping

What's for breakfast?

43 MiniMoon

DWP Is it me??

66 MadeInYorkshire

Shamima Begum has appeal rejected

75 Callistemon21

Coronation cost

2 Humbertbear

Pomegranates in the 1940s and 50s

48 NotSpaghetti


80 overthehill

Rotary drying

58 Auntieflo

Electricity prepayment amount

16 MawtheMerrier

I’ll probably never be a gran…

78 Sielha

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

304 25Avalon

Thermal underwear

39 Elegran

Have you been outside yet?

19 Fleurpepper

Ashamed to show my arms

127 M0nica

Gift for daughter on her first mothers day

35 CanadianGran


10 junie1

Anyone been outside yet?

19 Wyllow3

Music at the end of Stenders tonight.

12 kittylester

Cordless iron , advice please

12 sodapop

Eye colour

30 HowVeryDareYou2

Leather gloves 🧤

29 Ali08

Recommendation for new ironing board please

10 MawtheMerrier

What did you have for lunch?

146 harrigran

Safeguarding Concerns - what happens after one is reported.

61 Wyllow3

Vintage Cash Cow

4 GrandmaTrisha

Worried about being isolated from daughter

16 LOUISA1523

Travel Weary

27 Palmtree

Fear of cancer

18 Luckygirl3

Magnifying Mirrors - Health or Beauty?

10 SueDonim

What did you have for lunch?

18 Happygirl79

Your experiences as a new parent

52 FlexibleFriend

Kitchen flooring?

54 NotSpaghetti

Feeling upset by text messages

60 LJP1

Best cordless vacuum cleaner?

46 Cabbie21

Nice (affordable!) places to live in Liverpool

16 ComeOnGran

Wonder when you first noticed you were aging quickly

73 Mama2020

Your worst present ever.

69 Aveline

Am I being childish…

20 Madgran77

Gifts of alcohol and chocolates!

35 nadateturbe