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Hearing aids with trackers or trackers for hearing aids

6 Luckygirl

International calls

3 kittylester

Drinking in presence of GC

24 fizzers

Wooden slatted blinds

6 J52

Leeds Yorkshire Tips please

2 Maggiemaybe

Depressed mother /stillbirth

12 CaroDane

Worrying as a Grandma

54 clementine

Girl Guide leader expelled from post.

180 FarNorth

Grandkids moving away

21 GoodMama

Ashamed of son.

92 CaroDane

Tips for school holidays?

16 TerriBull

How old were you when your first grandchild was born?

203 silverlining48

Cookery book for children

10 Greyduster

A dog for problem child.

29 Jane10

Ask a gran : Flower identification

6 Matrix73

Child and spousal maintenance......

46 Grandma2213

Car insurance

21 MamaCaz

Induction jobs (single ring)

1 Warmthlover

Is living abroad all it is cracked up to be ?

104 Mamie

Head lice treatment.

13 BradfordLass72

Scarf wool suggestions to WoW daughter please.

11 Callistemon

Diaries and love letters.

72 GillJames

Help with MIL

183 DIL17

Freezer defrosted, advice please.

35 Granarchist

Niqab/burqa ban in Netherlands

271 Newquay


14 NanTheWiser

Is this what I should expect at 73?

100 merlotgran

Septic Tanks

26 tiggers

Floral displays in France and UK

15 silverlining48

Card games?

47 newnanny

Gc lacking in life skills.

103 Christingle

Shared email address.

52 Witzend


39 Rufus2

Other interesting sites.What sites do you enjoy when you have time or are bored.?

33 lemongrove

Young Girls wearing make up

70 TrendyNannie6

What are you drinking right now?

246 janipat

Experiences of changing from a washing machine with a hand wash programme to one without?

19 ElaineI

Is there anything we could do?

16 agnurse

Do you have a cleaner and how much do they charge?

196 LakelandLass

First class family Solicitor

4 Summermary


10 agnurse

Giving birth in the 60s & 70s, what was it like?

194 Grammaretto

You're married and...

105 Pome

Grandson's birthday cake....

5 mumu54

Should Alfie's school make him have short hair?

44 FarNorth

What should I do with these potatoes?

35 HillyN

sleep overs..

12 harrigran

Despairing of useless charity committee

22 Elegran

Am i being treated like a mug.

75 Alexa

Grandsons: Adolescent + 4 years old relationship

8 fizzers