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Hard floor cleaner or mop and bucket?

24 Margsus

Spanish Flu. Any historians amongst you?

39 pinkquartz

Can you - do you - drive?

182 Deedaa


134 timetogo2016

Long johns

15 annodomini

Losing your looks

58 Urmstongran

Hand held sewing machine

8 Stoker48


10 EllanVannin

Cotton nighties

13 lemongrove

Food Bank

4 Riverwalk

Missing my baby granddaughter feeling hopeless

132 Trubbs

Best way to access audio books for an 8 year old.

6 Chardy

Question, When is a cauliflower like a leek?

15 Puzzled

A bit of a dilemma.

16 Puzzled


21 Puzzled

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

36 Totallylost

Has anyone bought a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

9 GGumteenth

Any body married to an angry man

24 TrendyNannie6

What is the correct pronunciation of Lerwick ?

86 Marydoll

Over 70s

242 Puzzled

Help me with my maximum & minimum thermometer please..

4 Puzzled

What's for dinner?

193 crazyH

Books read with children and grandchildren

18 Puzzler61

Supermarket items out of stock

140 watermeadow

Do you have a cleaner and how much do they charge?

199 Floradora9

Does anyone live in unsociable neighbourhood

59 Yvonne25

A bit of lighthearted fun!

10 MiniMoon

Is Ancestry any good.

16 Juicylucy

Advice needed for secondary education

6 Deedaa

Does anyone play the Word Calm app?

2 mcem

Husband not seeing red traffic lights

64 Flygirl

help with occupying GS and GS long distance during lockdown!

7 Lucca

Glass dome thingy for preserving a flower?

14 cascats

contact with grandchildren

33 V3ra

What thrifty things do you do that you're surprised no one else does?

163 Callistemon

Lead paint poisoning? Is this a thing?

5 grandMattie

Buying large nursery items

6 Westcoaster

Missing posters

48 LadyBella

Towelling bathrobes recommendations please

13 Alishka


6 MissAdventure

My daughter in law won't let us see our grandson after we brought him up first 5 years of his life

19 Leedee

what to do with elderly parents

5 silverlining48

Sending a gift to South Africa

8 kittylester

Jigsaw puzzle made from a photograph

7 NotAGran55

Have you done your daily exercise yet?

15 CanadianGran

What's for breakfast?

26 Happygirl79

Any bright ideas for Grandson’s first birthday?

5 Kate54


17 Maggiemaybe

What would you like to see on Gransnet?

76 Tulabelle

Asda click and collect.

8 kathsue