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New consent form

68 Puzzler61

Do I have the right to know my mother's medical arrangements?

62 NotSpaghetti

Heard over the garden fence this summer....

62 annsixty

Should I reward GD for exam results?

84 jocork

Need a new perfume - fast.

198 Merryweather

Changes to GN format driving me mad!

1 GrannySomerset

Moving away from grandchildren

14 Strictlynana

Nanny or Grandma

189 jenpax

Have you ever felt a 'haunted' resonance from an item in your home?

19 Chewbacca

Would the quality of light from this fitting be rubbish?

4 Callistemon

Is there a better place to check the weather forecast than the MET office?

19 geekesse

Facebook Messenger

19 NfkDumpling

Puffy Ankles

10 Hellogirl1

What are your best sustaining healthy breakfast & lunch ideas

18 DiscoGran

Eat Out to Help Out?

82 TwiceAsNice

Having an ice cream 🍦🍦🍦

18 phoenix

Advice on new vacuum cleaner

23 ladymuck

Searching for a nursery rhyme book

9 V3ra

How to delete a post?

6 BlueBelle

Delayed empty nest syndrome

34 mrsgreenfingers56

Favourite Summer drink

71 Tickledpink

What do you think is a fair price for a therapy session?

81 janeainsworth

I think it would be a good idea to register everyone's dna at birth.

36 Callistemon

Nanny or Nannie

122 BlueRaspberry

Cleavage heat rash/itch...

18 Apricity

Coming back to the UK after 45 years living abroad.

144 Anniel

Anyone planning outside exercise today?

50 Iam64

Simba mattresses anyone.

9 BlueSky

Douwe Egbert Coffee Jars

8 GrannyGravy13

DS & DIL struggling with IVF

62 icanhandthemback

Kitchen gadget help

10 Nannarose


20 Kate1949

How to get rid of an obscenely large no. of bags for charity?

33 MerylStreep

Anyone started planning Christmas already?

116 Marmight

What would you give to the friend moving to another town?

16 annep1

Cold sores and the sun.

17 grannyrebel7

Contacting HMRC

14 Ilovecheese

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

45 Blinko

How can this meet the regulations for social distancing etc?

10 SueDonim

Is anyone else a hoarder?

48 Lucca

Amazon asking for date of birth

138 Iam64

Hospital Social Workers

9 Sugarpufffairy


122 geekesse

Should I be offended?

114 Daisymae

Hit me with your great ideas for a sophisticated Plantation-house=ove rlooking=the=sea themed bedroom.

13 Callistemon

If you got divorced at some point, what did you do with your wedding/engagement rings?

123 Magrithea

Feeling lonely today

6 Bixiboo

Impenetrable Bottles - is there an answer?

28 NanTheWiser

So disappointed.

95 Alexa

Recommendations for places to stay in Winchester?

3 grandma60

Have you noticed your toenails change as you've got older?

77 BlueBelle