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Grans who had an only child...

63 Goldbeater1

Husband’s moods spoiling things

24 eazybee

Glory hole - do you have one? Where is it? ~What's in it?

56 Blinko

Has anyone bought a new bath recently that is a decent width without being too long?

7 FlexibleFriend

Disabled friend who can’t keep up.

76 Razzamatazz

Post breast cancer op 'present'

72 Kate1949


95 Allsorts

New neighbours garden project

42 Serendipity22

Feeling upset

80 SuzieHi

Looking after grandchildren

53 icanhandthemback

Head lice treatment.

36 Caleo

What are these orange stains that have appeared on my hands overnight?

241 zz602157

Electrolysis for facial hair

3 Laura837

Where to take a 1 year old in Staffordshire

15 Susan56

What to do with spare hangers?

11 Grannybags

Could we get rid of ovens?

105 Joy241

The quietest place to move to in Northumberland.

56 GagaJo


47 Shelflife

Anyone watching the Lionesses?

183 Callistemon21

Help re uninsured house, please

6 Luckygirl3

Can you do the splits?

95 Ali08

Help - strained relationship with grandkids because off DIL methods

45 HeavenLeigh

Should I interfere with son's relationship

85 Txquiltz

Birthday lists - how do you 'keep' yours?

33 hollysteers


11 Bridie22

Fungi ?? - some ideas please.

15 Skydancer

Feel so Bad when I have to say no

48 M0nica

Help with gift ideas please

35 anthonybrutte

My grandkids and my ex husband's mistress

111 eazybee

When will we get rid of the rubbish on phone calls?

6 Rosie51

Light in the box

7 Hellogirl1

Special memories Back in Granddad/Grandma’s day.

38 SachaMac

Flowers for absent daughter

73 Marmight

Mending dilemma

15 honeyrose


18 Baggytrazzas


94 Ali08

Where are you going on holiday and what will you be doing?

20 Cabbie21

Double decker bus

33 CBT61

Painful bakers cyst

4 merlotgran


5 Greenfinch

Plant Sterols vs Statins

5 V3ra

Daughter in debt

126 Seabreeze

Question for divorced gransnetters

94 TwiceAsNice

son and family moving away

27 BlueBelle

Why do people do it?

38 Happysexagenarian

How do I use a Laundrette?

23 inishowen

Gransnet App

13 Blossoming

New kitchen advice please anyone.

58 Jane43


100 LovelyCuppa

Ideas needed for 18th birthday gift

28 M0nica