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Is this weird or perfectly normal???

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kalexie Mon 23-Dec-13 15:46:25

My daughter has just told me that little grandson (18 weeks old) sometimes opens his eyes whilst he still fast asleep and seems to look about and she talks to him thinking that he has woken up but he is in fact still asleep.

Has anyone else's little ones done this?

rosesarered Mon 23-Dec-13 16:00:42

Yes! When my daughter was young she often had her eyes open when asleep, we got used to it, but it did look disturbing. She didn't look about though, just had open eyes. Must be something to do with the eyelid muscles?

kalexie Mon 23-Dec-13 16:04:54

Thank you for that rosesarered. Yes, my daughter did say she found it a bit creepy, good to know that it isn't just Kian.

POGS Mon 23-Dec-13 16:05:12

My nephew used to do this!. How common it is I am not sure but I just thought I would let you know I had experience of the problem.

It is quite weird to observe this happening isn't it. I would imagine it is 'just one of those things'.

By the way my nephew did stop doing it, no idea how old he was.

kalexie Mon 23-Dec-13 16:12:29

Thank you pogs. I have never seen him do this but I imagine it is quite weird to observe. I'm glad that they seem to outgrow it. I'll pass on your responses to my daughter. Thank you both once again.

numberplease Mon 23-Dec-13 17:42:02

We had the daughter of some friends to stay several years ago, when she was 8, her parents warned us that she slept with her eyes open, in case it unnerved us, and must admit it was a bit creepy!

Tegan Mon 23-Dec-13 18:40:10

My son used to get out of bed and wander around soon after he'd fallen asleep. Once he went back to sleep he didn't wake up again till morning. It seemed at the time as if it would go on forever and I couldn't relax in the evening until it had happened. He never remembered anything about it afterwards.

Flowerofthewest Mon 23-Dec-13 18:44:12

My little grandson has done this many times. Sometimes he is in a 'nightmare' and screams and screams - does not recognise me (or maybe he does tchconfused these are commonly called 'night frights' I used to suffer from them when a little one. It isn't unusual at al, they seem to grow out of it. Probably an over active imagination.

coastwallker Mon 23-Dec-13 18:56:08

My grandson often used to sleep with his eyes open when he was about that age. He has grown out of it but it is quite disconcerting inst it?

kalexie Mon 23-Dec-13 20:53:18

Many thanks to you all for your reassuring comments. I still do scream in my sleep occasionally and frighten my poor OH half to death.

rosesarered Mon 23-Dec-13 21:40:39

LOL! I don't know which is worse, people sleeping with open eyes or others screaming in their sleep......... oh, I think it must be the screamers!kalexie I do feel sorry for your OH .tchshock

penguinpaperback Mon 23-Dec-13 23:10:29

Glad you are reassured kalexie. My DD used to do this too.

harrigran Mon 23-Dec-13 23:36:30

DD used to sleep with her eyes open too. I never grew out of night terrors and still scream and lash out, I also sleep walk and have been known to climb on furniture tchgrin

MargaretX Tue 24-Dec-13 09:34:29

I'm sure its normal. I woke up once with the feeling that my eyes had been open and if its dark when we sleep who is there to see us in the small hours with our eyes open?

We have a dog in the family who regularly sleeps with his eyes open.