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Riverwalk Fri 14-Feb-14 08:42:22

Such a low turn-out at 28.4.

UKIP second and Libdems lost their deposit.

I'm just wondering why people don't turnout to vote - is it because it's a safe Labour seat, they're cynical, or just can't be bothered?

mollie Fri 14-Feb-14 09:11:00

Can't be bothered I expect. Shame though, wonder who the other 70-odd percent would have voted for?

petra Fri 14-Feb-14 13:28:37

A lot of people I speak to say: what's the point, they are all the same so it doesn't matter who gets in.

whenim64 Fri 14-Feb-14 13:38:56

That was in the constituency where I live. We usually get a higher turnout. The weather was horrendous the night before with a lot of local storm damage all across this patch and some flooding on the boundary of this district, but don't know whether that would account for more than a small percentage. It's a safe Labour seat, so maybe some complacency, too.

goldengirl Fri 14-Feb-14 13:40:00

And then there's the weather!

grannyactivist Fri 14-Feb-14 14:16:05

My mother's constituency too when and she didn't vote this time. She said she didn't want to go out in bad weather and that it really is one of the safest of 'safe' Labour seats, so I think complacency may be part of the answer, but she also said that she's still disgruntled about the MP expenses scandal.

whenim64 Fri 14-Feb-14 14:33:01

I put my vote in the post, despite finding my dog had chewed the voting pack when I arrived home! I ironed the ballot paper and popped it in the envelope, hoping it wouldn't be a spoiled vote.

We had George Osborne, Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband being ferried up and down yesterday. Perhaps that's why people stayed indoors!! grin