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sunseeker Wed 16-Jul-14 14:05:41

Not sure why I put this under Ask a Grandad as I am sure there are some Grans out there who could help.

Anyway my problem, the pump for my shower is in the roof space and lately when I switch off the shower the pump keeps going, sometimes for around 10 mins although last week it kept starting and stopping for a couple of hours. Now is this something I should worry about? (I have visions of it overheating and starting a fire in the roof!).

I would ask my lovely brother in law who usually sorts out this kind of thing for me but he has injured his shoulders and is in pain but I know if I mention it he will still come and look at it and I don't want him to make his injury worse.

Nonu Wed 16-Jul-14 16:59:50

If BIL cannot do it I would get a plumber in, it doesn't sound right to me!

Have to be very careful with things in the loft , or at least ask advice from BIL!

HollyDaze Wed 16-Jul-14 17:42:12

If it was me, I'd pull the fuse out of it to stop if from working all together and get a plumber or electrician out to have a look at it - but I'm a bit of a scaredy cat where electrical appliances are concerned so I'm not sure you would want my advice!

Ana Wed 16-Jul-14 18:08:40

I asked DH who Knows about These Things and he says 'get a man/woman in'.

grandadken Wed 23-Jul-14 13:29:51

You realy need a qualified electrician as it would appear it is a timing probemb.DONT use until checked