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Your All Time favorite Big Band Jazz Drummers?

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Trevor47 Thu 24-Jul-14 13:57:10

I'm a Long Time admirer of the Late great big band jazz drummer buddy rich.
And many of my albums feature buddy and his various bands.
I much prefer buddy's late 60s and mid 70s bands because much of the music they played sounded really cool.
I absolutely Love the classic "ruth" recorded Live in 1969.
Buddy's Drumming is Incredible in it!
Super fast and spot on perfect.
In fact I have several video's on youtube of myself playing along to ruth and many others.
Of course They aren't as good as Buddy's drumming but I did as best as I was able.
I also admire Charles mingus Drummer Danny Richmond.
I Think he was really Good and did some Great stuff with mingus and with his own bands.
Ed Thigpen is another person I admire.
I think he started off playing for oscar Peterson in the 60s and then became independent later on.
His Later stuff is good as well and I own a few albums which I occasionally play along with on my drum kit.
I have 3 kits in fact.
One electric one which I regret buying now cause I can't get used to having to program it before I use it.
And I also own two acoustic kits.
I decided to link them up and so I now 3 tom toms and two bass drums and two floor toms.
I rarely use two bass drums at once Though.
I have played in a band back in 2009
It was a reggae based band although I prefer Jazz and rock music.
I'd love to be a drummer Professionally
and perhaps Tour the country and Make a living from That one day.
a friend of mine wants to record an album next year and wants me to do the drumming on it.

Grannyknot Thu 24-Jul-14 14:15:13

Sorry, Trev47, I couldn't name even one. You may have to try a "big band jazz drummer nerds forum" to get any response smile

Nonu Thu 24-Jul-14 14:26:03

Gene Kruper was supposed to be very good !

Anyway I am off now as a friend is coming round and we are going to watch the DVD of :-

Behind the Candelabra

with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon.

I have been wanting to see it for ages !


Trevor47 Thu 24-Jul-14 15:43:56

thats OK Granny ; 0 )
Thanks for answering.

Trevor47 Thu 24-Jul-14 15:45:37

yes he was Nonu.
but I much prefer Buddy rich still.
Hope you enjoy the DVD.
Best Wishes

feetlebaum Thu 24-Jul-14 16:30:56

Krupa, Sonny Payne, Ronnie Verrall, Buddy Rich, Simon Phillips... for starters!

glammanana Thu 24-Jul-14 16:41:25

feetlebaum What a list real blast's from the past and all excellent,not that I am an expert on drummers I only know of them because we used to have Eric Delaney visit our restaurant every day when we lived abroad and my DS1 went about with his daughter Hannah for a long while,he used to talk about all his friends in the music business and invite us up to his villa and play his music,I'm not too sure if he is still alive now as he was getting on to 80 I think but what a show man he was/is.

Trevor47 Thu 24-Jul-14 16:50:34

all top drummers Feetle!

feetlebaum Tue 29-Jul-14 08:50:05

Andy White, Kenny Clare, Jack Parnell, Phil Seamen...

Animal... (the player was actually Ronnie Verrall).

Anniebach Tue 29-Jul-14 09:20:28

Gene Krupa

Deedaa Thu 21-Aug-14 21:38:56

Gen Krupa! The name Barrat Deems has come to me from smewhere - Louis Armstrong's drummer?