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Jenty61 Thu 21-Aug-14 12:35:27

I have downsized to a one bed flat and it has 3 storage heaters which ive never used before, I am really concerned about the cost over the winter months. The flat also has 3 wall convector heaters to use as a top up when needed and I'm totally confused as to which is the best option to use to keep the cost of bills down. The flat is on economy7 for the storage heaters.i would appreciate any input. Thankyou

FlicketyB Thu 21-Aug-14 13:16:17

Using the storage heaters will be the cheapest way of heating your flat. Economy 7 is a lower cost tariff which puts electricity into your storage heaters overnight and they give off heat during the day.

If at all possible avoid using the convector heaters, except in exceptional circumstances. They use full price electricity and if you use them a lot your bills will really rocket.

The most important factor in keeping your fuel bills down will be how well insulated your house is. Are you on the top floor/ then check with your landlord/ management company about the level of insulation in the roof because if this is inadequate you will just waste heat. If you are in a middle flat then you will benefit from those heating the flats round you.
When DD was in a middle flat her heating bills were minimal for just that reason.

Are the windows double glazed? If not make sure you have curtains with an insulated lining and pull them as soon as it gets dark and keep them closed as long as possible in the morning.

If you are on a low income, getting Pension Credit or receiving a disability benefit, especially Attendance Allowance speak to your energy provider about the special schemes they have to offer you a reduced fuel tariff or assessment and help with insulating your home and running your heating economically.

susieb755 Thu 21-Aug-14 20:04:10

We found oil filled radiators cheap to run when we had storage heaters as an alternative heating source - I also used a timing plog on my washing machine to use the cheap electricity at night.

Jenty61 Fri 22-Aug-14 06:27:25

flicketyb re benefits I'm not entitled as i get a private pension...Ive also been in touch with my electric supplier to make sure im on the best tarrif....i am ground floor ive got double glazing and ive put thermal curtains up at the windows...i havent put the storage heaters on yet but i did get up a short while ago and its really chilly in here so i have put the convector heater on to take the chill least thats cheaper this time of morning!

Susie755 i did think about an oil heater but ive no where to put it in my living washing over night we arent allowed! It has to be done between certain hours ....its quite difficult living in a flat as you have to consider close neighbours...

I think for the first winter it will be trial and error!

Aka Fri 22-Aug-14 06:51:33

Jenty you can buy, or some energy companies will install free of charge, a device which tells you how much electricty you are using at any given time. Why not give your company another ring and ask about this? I'm sure others in the forum who already have these will also be able to advise you.

Anniebach Fri 22-Aug-14 09:41:30

Jenty, my sixth winter with storage heaters coming up. You must think of a small heater to fall back on if power cuts. I have a small calor gas heater for this. The heaters have lost much of the heat come evening, I use an electric oil filled radiator in the living room and small hall .

I gave up adjusting the input after the first few weeks, the weather forecast is not that reliable when it comes to temperature for the following day !

So I suggest a non electric heater incase you have power cuts

An oil filled radiator for backing up heat in the evening

And if your flat is all electric, two thermos flasks filled up morning and night if weather is grim

Sorry not cheerful but it may be easier for you, I live in the Welsh mountains so need say no more

I also pay a set sum to the electricity company every month, come a harsh winter I can switch the lot on

glammanana Fri 22-Aug-14 16:20:34

Jenty We have storage heaters in our 1bed flat and find they provide all the heating we need,we put them on in October and switch them off in April we do have a back up if it is really chilly but have never felt the need,what I did find was it was best to get someone with knowledge of setting the times correctly to benefit from the system ie : the boost etc and once we familiarised ourselves with the working we where fine.
Even though you are receiving a private pension if your income is less than (I think) £16.250 per year you can apply for the "Warm Homes Discount" from your supplier of £140.00 payable about march every year straight into your account,so its well worth having some of my neighbours apply for this and it helps them greatly with their fuel bills.

Jenty61 Sat 23-Aug-14 16:38:06

You have to be on benefits to claim this glammanana so i dont qualify ....