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What's their favourite activity?

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absent Wed 24-Sep-14 07:53:08

I regularly look after my youngest grandson (two years six months) on Mondays and Fridays - sometimes more frequently. On Friday mornings we go to the library. This routine is almost religiously observed. I don't think he would ever forgive me if we missed a visit. We choose four or five books, take them home and read them umpteen times before the next Friday. He posts the books we have brought back through the returns slot and we register our new choices ourselves. He loves to push the books with their bar codes through the red light and make them go ding. He also once virtually silenced the whole place as I wheeled him in his buggy by announcing at the top of his voice, "I love the library".

baubles Wed 24-Sep-14 08:40:11

What fun absent you must be loving living so close to them now.

I looked after DGD aged 2 years (birthday last month) the other day. She wanted to play 'pretend' so after putting the dolls to bed and reading to them I pretended the phone was ringing and asked her to answer it. She duly picked up the toy phone said hello, waited for a few moments and replaced it saying 'it was a gentleman but I don't want to talk to him' shock

I blame the other gran grin

whenim64 Wed 24-Sep-14 09:36:21

One of my twin grandaughters, who is nearly 3, loves the library. We've been going every Friday morning, this last year, for 'Rhyme Time' and she spends half an hour looking at books and playing in the children's room afterwards. She has an embroidered back pack with her name on it, in which she keeps her 'passport' which is stamped with a paw print every time we go, earning her certificates for being a regular. Her sister isn't remotely interested at the moment - she likes to sit on a knee and have books read to her ad infinitum, but at home.

susieb755 Wed 24-Sep-14 13:53:17

My DGD loves baking and using the 'noisy machine' ( kitchen aid ) , she loves the library, feeding the ducks, and going to the childrens farm, which is free ! ( £1 to buy feed )

If you are near Portland its worth a visit , and has a free indoor play area as well, cups of tea 50p !

ninathenana Wed 24-Sep-14 16:42:01

2.5 DGS loves to look at a book by himself but won't sit with you whilst you read to him.
His favourite toys are any form of transport. He also loves slides, the higher the better smile

janerowena Wed 24-Sep-14 18:50:21

I am a patient, DGD aged just three is the rather rough and terse lady doctor with a fairly appalling bedside manner. Her ministrations are punctuated by frequent applications of pretend lipstick. God help the health service when she grows up.

DGS aged 6 loves computer games and books. I keep a huge stash of books here for them, and am resigned to giving up possession of tablet and PC when they arrive.

Icyalittle Wed 24-Sep-14 19:30:26

My DGS at 16 months loves balls and books. Any ball will do (he rather fancied the stone finials off the top of some gate posts recently), and if he can hit it along with a wooden spoon that's even better. Books with cows or lions or cats seem favourites because he can do the noises.

NanKate Thu 25-Sep-14 16:44:22

This short video is called 'Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything' and is worth showing to anyone who is not into reading with their children or grandchildren. #ReadOnGetOn

You will need to paste the above into Google.

My 2 GSs 1 and a half and 3 and a half are book addicts, but woe betide me if I leave out or change a word in any of their favourite stories. hmm

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 25-Sep-14 17:21:33

13year old - anything outdoor/Scouting connected. 9year old - Reading and playing games on his Nexus 7.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 25-Sep-14 17:22:58

They are what they are. You can try to influence them but you can't change their nature.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 25-Sep-14 17:24:18

janerowena grin

goldengirl Thu 25-Sep-14 17:38:32

Our almost 2 DGS loves our play animals - we have farm and zoo selections - and has just got in to cars and Brio train sets. He also loves the dolls buggy - which just happens to be pink but he doesnt care - which he fills with train track and pushes about. A very happy little soul

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 25-Sep-14 18:19:16

Oooh! Sometimes I wish I could shrink my two back again. smile

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 25-Sep-14 18:19:58

Only sometimes though. wink

Marmight Thu 25-Sep-14 18:30:53

2 year old plays with his cars & loves books; he has to have at least 6 read at bedtime. He is very good at catching a ball - it makes my back ache after the first 20 minutes hmm. 3 year old loves outdoors and his balance bike, scooter or anything which moves. 4 year old obsessed with spelling and numbers (Einstein in the making?) and dressing-up in weird & wonderful costumes and swinging from the proverbial chandelier.... 5 year old loves dolls, 'combing' your hair [ouch] and dressing up especially in her Rapunzel outfit which she is surgically attached to - she modelled it for Sainsburys advert and is convinced she is Rapunzel. 6 year old is another dresser-upper. 8 year old is a rugby fanatic and 10 year old loves books and dinosaurs. The youngest, at just 2 just bosses everyone else and screams so far as I can make out! I hasten to add that they are not all siblings grin

harrigran Thu 25-Sep-14 18:44:24

Eldest GD loves to make lotions and potions, she is always putting concoctions in bottles and spraying it around. Makes her own perfume and lip gloss and likes to make little purses and picture frames. She is very artistic and draws the most intricate pictures. Youngest GD likes to play music and dance especially with a princess dress on smile

Katek Thu 25-Sep-14 18:50:23

8 year old DGS loves anything physical - particularly if a ball of any shape is involved. He plays rugby, football, takes judo class, attends swimming club and cubs. 8 year old DGD (not siblings) is much more into books, art and discovering things! She presented me today with a powerpoint(!) presentation of the Solar System. She also plays tennis and attends Brownies. Both of them are fanatic about Minecraft as well littlest one -17 months - loves his library trips and is currently attached to a child sized sweeping brush!! New babe due in Feb so wonder what this little one will enjoy

annodomini Thu 25-Sep-14 19:31:07

6 and 9 year old GSs love cycling and paddling their kayaks, tennis and swimming. 9-year old builds elaborate Lego models, loves reading too. They fight over access to the laptop for gaming (Minecraft of course) and the elder one is a keen Cub, younger brother is a Beaver. Other family: GD(12) is a keen (and good) swimmer, trains several times a week. Reads everything and enjoys Scouts. GS (10) is a computer geek and plays Minecraft with a friend on Skype. He is learning lifesaving with a view to getting a job as a lifeguard during the summer when he's older. Also a Cub - sixer. Has encyclopaedic knowledge of The Simpsons. hmm