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tiggypiro Fri 26-Sep-14 18:36:20

The trouble was Nonnie that although she told everyone she was a 'recycled teenager' in no way did she think or act in any way other than a very old lady !! I think she may have liked to have acted like a 'recycled teenager' but upbringing and convention prevented her doing so.

Nonnie Fri 26-Sep-14 09:06:18

I like the sound of your mum, tiggy. I already feel that many people my age (60s) are old let alone going to lunch clubs or anything organised for older people. DH took a photo of me this week and I looked really young but only up to the neck!

junie perhaps your mum could look at her local U3A? I intend to when the time comes that I have nothing interesting to do.

tiggypiro Fri 26-Sep-14 08:07:54

When my mum was in her 90's and still capable of going out she would have nothing to do with day centres, lunch clubs etc as they were full of old people and she was (as she told everyone) just a recycled teenager.

ninathenana Thu 25-Sep-14 22:35:19

Is there a day centre near her ? As FlicketyB says AgeUK is a good place to start. Local authority centres would probably be listed in her local library.

Humbertbear Thu 25-Sep-14 20:09:08

My mum is 93 and she hates being with people her own age. You should contact a local secondary school. Perhaps a couple of pupils would like to visit her once a week or perhaps a member of the local church? Even someone in their 60s would be interested in her memories.

annodomini Thu 25-Sep-14 19:20:28


Elegran Thu 25-Sep-14 19:06:30

Sign her up to Gransnet.

FlicketyB Thu 25-Sep-14 18:53:45

Speak to Age UK.

junie1 Thu 25-Sep-14 18:35:21

My Mum is 90 years old, I would love for her to have a companion, just someone near her own age to chat to.

Any suggestions please