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Advice, please, on presents for a 1 year old, and on toy boxes

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townie Sat 22-Nov-14 17:10:16

My DGS his first birthday as well as Christmas coming up.

Would really welcome ideas for presents that you DGC of that age have loved and continued to play with. Price range from cheapest upwards.

Also would like any recommendations for Looking for a good toy box.
Have seen some of lovely but very expensive wooden ones online but not looking to pay silly prices - though would like something that's good quality and practical/ easy to use.


whenim64 Sat 22-Nov-14 17:15:12

My grandson is still bouncing around on this spinning, bouncing zebra, townie. I gave it him for Christmas last year when he was almost 1 and he's been on it more than anything since then.

TwiceAsNice Sat 22-Nov-14 19:25:02

Push trolleys with building bricks in, rocking seat , humming top, stacking beakers, lift out very simple jigsaws, sensory board books with easy turn pages, wooden trikes with no pedals, are all good presents. Ikea do nice toy boxes for not a lot of money. Letterbox do more expensive ones if you want to spend a bit more.

ninathenana Sun 23-Nov-14 00:13:57

DGS loved his sit on/push a long car. It came with a safety rail and rockers which you can easily detach as the child grows. He's 2.8 now and still plays with it.

kittylester Sun 23-Nov-14 07:47:42

For their first Christmas we have bought all our DGC a Captain's chair. We get them from a company called Hometime Crafts who will personalise them for you. DGS1 is nearly 8 now and still uses his. They are sturdy enough to be hauled around and used to climb on as well as for sitting at the craft table etc.

Hometime crafts have a website but I can't do the link on my phone. They have loads of personalised things - including a toy box I think.