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DH's jeans are really stiff!

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kittylester Fri 20-Mar-15 10:27:30

DH bought some Levi jeans about a month ago and got a nasty mark on them which he tried to clean with a baby wipe. The baby wipe took the colour out so I redyed them black. They look fine but are like planks of wood. Does anyone have any ideas about softening them up? I've washed them a few times, I've tumble dried them, I've hung them on the line and beaten them (that was fun!!) and, currently, they are in a bowl with loads of comfort. Any other ideas - please!

Lona Fri 20-Mar-15 10:40:23

Was he wearing them during the beating kitty ? grin

Teetime Fri 20-Mar-15 10:45:23

Is there a helpline on the dye you used?

janerowena Fri 20-Mar-15 10:46:45

So that's why so many men walk like that...

kittylester Fri 20-Mar-15 10:49:39

Honestly - I'm serious!! grin

Never thought about that Teetime. I'll check - thank you!! flowers

loopylou Fri 20-Mar-15 10:54:47

Bless him!
I can't think of anything other than what you've tried!
Just got back from shopping and DH has got the contents of a broen door handle all over the living room carpet- black, greasy muck....anyone any ideas how to get it out?
He's already tried vacuuming, water etc.
I'm not amused angry

janerowena Fri 20-Mar-15 11:04:29

Washing up liquid is usually my sanity saviour. In any situation, almost.

All I can think of is loads of tumble-drying in with something hard, like an old pair of trainers that it doesn't matter if they get ruined. That would be like beating the jeans into being softer. Years ago I remember seeing an advert in which a pair of stiff jeans were driven over repeatedly by a bulldozer, stuffed with rocks and pulled along behind a car and still came out spotless and stiff afterwards! You could try it though?

kittylester Fri 20-Mar-15 11:17:35

Bless yours too loopy!!

I found, at the back of a cupboard in the utility room, something called De-solv-itand used it in desperation once - it's magic! I don't know where I got it from but I've googled it and its still available. Good luck!!

loopylou Fri 20-Mar-15 12:17:16

Thanks! hmm

rosesarered Fri 20-Mar-15 23:13:33

Kitty, have you tried a handful of those softening wipes in the tumble dryer with the jeans? Then iron them?

kittylester Sat 21-Mar-15 08:27:25

Thanks for all your help! I soaked the jeans in water and comfort, rinsed them and then tumbled them. They are lovely and soft but I have to wait and see whether they fit him or not!

kittylester Sat 21-Mar-15 09:50:57

They fit!! £70 more for me to spend then as he doesn't need new jeans!! grin

loopylou Sat 21-Mar-15 10:19:08

I love the logic! grin
Well deserved too!

kittylester Sat 21-Mar-15 11:21:55

DH calls it a Mrs Gambol mentality! I just think it's obvious logic! grin

janerowena Sat 21-Mar-15 13:18:49

Hurray! grin

petallus Sat 21-Mar-15 14:51:17

Glad that's sorted.

Was I the only one who couldn't help smiling every time I read your OP title?

kittylester Sat 21-Mar-15 15:51:28

Nope, it made me smile too petallus after I had pressed create!!

Juliette Sat 21-Mar-15 16:00:17

......and everyone was so polite about it....

rubysong Sat 21-Mar-15 16:29:46

If baby wipes took the colour out what are they doing to the poor babies?