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anneey Thu 02-Apr-15 19:29:09

I have had a little accident (stupidly slipped down the stairs)
Next time I go to a shopping mall I would like to hire a mobility scooter.
I am a little apprehensive.
Any grandnetters out there that can reassure me please?
I don't want to make a fool of myself.

Mishap Thu 02-Apr-15 20:01:04

We have such a scheme here and it is invaluable - but always skating on the edge financially and under threat of closure.

Mobility scooters are brilliant, but do please drive with care! My Dad fell off his trying to a 180 degree turn at speed! A big mistake.

I am sure you will drive with great delicacy and find it an enormous help. The people who hire them out are very helpful indeed and will give you all the advice you need.

Happy shopping!

annodomini Thu 02-Apr-15 20:11:34

After my hip replacement, I made use of the scooters available in M&S and Sainsbury's. When my kids had broken legs - yes, at the same time - they competed for the use of the scooter donated by Rotary for use when shopping in the town where we lived. and when I took DS2 Christmas shopping in Peterborough we were able to borrow a scooter for him from the shopmobility scheme. I had trouble keeping up with him! I found the scooters very easy to handle and manoeuvre and evidently so did the boys!

tiggypiro Thu 02-Apr-15 21:53:19

I borrowed one when I had my broken leg and only used it around the village. Very easy to use but also cold even on a nice day so wrap up well !!

Galen Thu 02-Apr-15 22:12:52

They're brilliant. My walking distance is less than 20yards, hence I use them.
I have two
1 a cheap but sturdy model that lives in my car (an electric hoist is fitted)
2 my beloved Luggie which folds and would even fit in a Smart!
The previous one had been to 30countries on cruises and I was very sad when I had to replace it.
It only weighs just over 23 kegs without the battery and it folds up to take a very small space.

ninathenana Thu 02-Apr-15 23:36:02

If my mum could handle one I'm sure you can. grin

She had never ridden or driven anything other than a push bike when she bought one of the big heavy ones which she would ride into town on. A distance of about 2 miles each way. We then persuaded her to get a light weight one that folded and fitted in the boot of my Corsa.
Mum loved the freedom of not having to be pushed around in her wheelchair.

Anniebach Fri 03-Apr-15 09:53:15

I have been thinking of buying a scooter but have no idea which to buy, asking any firm for advice , told the most exspensive . Read up on then and have not the foggiest about hill gradients ' as I live half way up a hill this is important

loopylou Fri 03-Apr-15 10:00:12

If you're thinking of buying a mobility scooter I suggest contacting your nearest Independent Living Centre, if you have one near you. There you can be assessed and try a range of them out for free. Salesmen are bound to try and sell you the most expensive!
Some chemist chains might be able to advise, or Age UK perhaps?

Anniebach Fri 03-Apr-15 11:25:49

Thank you loopylou, there is no such centre here, I will try Age UK

anneey Fri 03-Apr-15 19:05:54

Thank you all.
I now have the confidence to hire a mobility scooter, from my Shopping Centre.
Especially as you suggest that they will be helpful, and explain what I need to know.
Who knows I may be tempted to purchase one myself.