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Brighton mum looking to adopt a gran!

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Brightonmumtoatoddler Fri 03-Jul-15 21:18:10

I'm brand new to this and probably on the wrong page so I might post this in other places as well.
Anyhoo I'm a single mum living in brighton with my two year old daughter. This was all by choice and I work part time as a nurse. My mum has had a bit of a breakdown and isn't able to see my daughter as much as she would like and I think my daughter is missing out on hanging out with a 'fun gran'.
I also can't stand to think of someone out there missing out on hanging out with children if they can't be grandmas.
Anyway my daughter is a lovely little girl, really well behaved and fun. Let me know if you live near or in brighton and would like to meet up.
Lots of love xxx

Meercat Fri 03-Jul-15 22:07:21

I'm too far away to be any use to you but I do hope that you make contact with someone lovely.

aggie Fri 03-Jul-15 22:09:00

hope you find someone , but you need to be careful

Pittcity Sat 04-Jul-15 09:43:25

Have you tried the Gransnet Local site ?

merlotgran Sat 04-Jul-15 09:50:41

Sorry to sound like a miserable old so and so but you talk about 'hanging out with a fun gran'

Are you sure you're not looking for a free childminder? hmm

boheminan Sat 04-Jul-15 21:40:09

merlotgran Brightonmumtoatoddler doesn't say she wants to leave her child with anyone, so I don't really see she's asking for a free childminder in any shape or form. It seems to me a great idea, as there may be a lot of grans on this forum who, for whatever reason, are estranged from their grandchildren and would very much like the chance to become a gran to a child and young mother who, for whatever reason, do not have the close relationship of a mum and gran/nan. Brightonmumtoatoddler I for one wish you every success in finding yourself and your daughter a surrogate gran smile moon