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Mother won't let me see grandson

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therese Sat 05-Sep-15 23:53:48

My son had a fling with a girl, she got pregnant but left the country & refused to have anything to do with him. Eventually she had a little boy, my son asked for a paternity test, which proved he was the father.
They came to England & we all got along well. Then they had a disagreement about maintenance, he wanted to set up an account for her & put regular payments in it. She wanted him to buy nappies & food.
They eventually agreed to try it a month each way then discuss again.
3 days later she contacted me to say she didn't want either one of us near her son.
My question is, do I have any rights?
My son is getting legal advice, but we are scared she will leave the country.

harrigran Sun 06-Sep-15 00:14:04

I think you will find that Grandparents do not have any rights regarding GC.

Luckygirl Sun 06-Sep-15 10:38:11

You are in a difficult situation - you have no rights, but your son does. I do hope he is able to establish these and sort out reasonable access, then hopefully you will be able to see your GS.