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Advice please. No Win No Fee Companies

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Mimosa Thu 15-Oct-15 17:43:16


I would be so grateful for any advice.

Last week I was involved in a car accident. Don't want to bore anyone with the finer details other than to say I was stationary behind a huge lorry which decided to reverse with some considerable force into my car. I was not at fault. My car was a right off which, and I know its only a car, really upset me. I had just paid for my MOT, tax and three new tyres. It was my only means of transport, I don't work as I am retired but am determined to somehow get another small car as I enjoy driving so much.

The amount I will get back as my car was ten years old is a pittance and I am fighting the final figure at present.

My question to you lovely folk is have any of you had experience with a No Win No fee company? I suffered with an injury to my knee, back and neck on impact but unfortunately cannot pursue this with my present car insurers as I was not paying for legal assistance. They advised me to take it to another company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Was not sure in the Forums where to place this. If anyone can recommend a better Forum listing, please let me know.

Ana Thu 15-Oct-15 18:23:05

I'm afraid I have no first-hand knowledge so can't help you, Mimosa, but have you tried googling for advice on the subject?

Sometimes MoneyExpert etc. can give good tips for choosing the right company, and advising as to whether your case is suitable and has a good chance of winning.

Maybe other GN members know more about it than I do - good luck!

Charleygirl Thu 15-Oct-15 18:29:11

If they do win, they charge a colossal amount of interest-at least 32% if not more. Maybe ring around and find out how much different firms do charge to give you an idea.

annodomini Thu 15-Oct-15 19:04:29

I suggest that you consult the CAB where they have experience of different types of legal advice. They will know which solicitors handle your kind of case and if the 'no-win-no-pay' lawyers are worth considering.

rosequartz Thu 15-Oct-15 19:49:12

Have you been to the doctor with your injuries, and if so I presume they have logged details?
What does your insurance company say?
They should have a legal department to advise you.

I would be wary of any no win no fee companies, your insurance company should sort it out for you.

rosequartz Thu 15-Oct-15 19:51:26

Sorry, just read that you were not paying for legal assistance. They should, however, still be helping you if they are a decent company.
The lorry driver's insurance should be paying out and your insurance company should be chasing them; tell them you have been injured and could need further examination/treatment.

M0nica Fri 16-Oct-15 18:39:51

Mimosa, a member of my family was seriously injured in a road accident. they were unwilling to use a no win, no fee company. Instead they went to a local firm of solicitors who had a personal injury section with solicitors who specialised in this field of law, and getting a suitably specialist solicitor is essential.

They discussed the situation with her, had no doubts she had a robust and valid case, and told her that when she won the other driver's insurance company would pay their charges as part of the settlement. This did indeed happen.

However, as annodomini suggested, start with the CAB. Their address will be available online and in the telephone library or local library.

Mimosa Mon 19-Oct-15 12:29:11

Hi Ana

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am at present doing as much research as I can, its a complete mind field out there.
Thanks again

Mimosa Mon 19-Oct-15 12:30:09

Hi Charleygirl

Thank you also for taking the trouble to get back to me on this ..I am doing as much research as I can. Thanks again.

Mimosa Mon 19-Oct-15 12:31:16

Thank you so much for your help Annodomini, the idea of contacting the CAB is a very good one. I am phoning them this afternoon. Here hoping!

Mimosa Mon 19-Oct-15 12:33:06

Thank you for your help Rosequartz, so helpful. Everyone has been so kind here, really appreciated.

Yes, I went to see my doctor and the details of my injuries were logged. Now trying to get this moving as my insurance company is not that helpful at all.

Mimosa Mon 19-Oct-15 12:34:46

Hi Monica

Thank you so much for your useful advice. I am contacting the CAB this afternoon and was thinking of going down the solicitor option. I was just concerned that I would end up paying a huge bill. Thanks again.

rosequartz Tue 20-Oct-15 20:18:34

Yes, log everything, even a phone call.
And the insurance company needs to be more helpful, you are the customer, that is what they are there for - INSURANCE in case anything happens!

pompa Tue 20-Oct-15 20:40:27

The important thing here is, did you have independent witnesses that the lorry reversed into you. Without that, I doubt you have a case, the lorry would say you drove into him, and I doubt that a "no win, no fee" company would take the case.