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Looking to adopt a grandparent in West London?

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Milkfamily12 Fri 30-Oct-15 16:13:51


I wonder can anyone help?

We are a family of four with two adopted little ones but sadly my husband & I's parents have all passed away. We so miss their company and having that older wiser loved one to turn to for wisdom and love.

Our eldest asked for a grandad or grandma for christmas, I thought if we can adopt kids, why can't we adopt grandparents too? it's proving not that easy and we want to attract the right calibre of applicants.

So I was wondering if anyone out there has a friend or family member in West London area that would benefit from being part of a family? Or any leads? Age UK could not help us.

It's a long shot but I thought I'd give it a shot on Gransnet.

Any leads would be most welcome.

Mrs Milk

Bellanonna Fri 30-Oct-15 16:59:59

Hi Mrs Milk
Congratulations on your adopted little ones.
We do get posts similar to yours from time to time and the general consensus appears to be - be careful. If you belong to a church, or even if you don't - maybe you could approach a local one, see if they have a mothers ' union - members likely to be granny age. No intention of offending any younger members btw. Or how about getting to know some neighbours, elderly ones, but young enough to enjoy children. Perhaps they could join you on outings? I'm not suggesting you ask them to child sit. Above all, approach with caution and get to know people well.

Charleygirl Fri 30-Oct-15 17:09:38

I agree Bellanonnaone cannot be too careful. I live in NW London and I have 3 little ones from 2 different families who appear to have adopted me, they live a few doors away. They help me to pick up leaves etc. and I listen to their chatter about school or whatever.

Your children may adopt a neighbour as these 3, aged 5, 7 and 8 have seemingly adopted me.

Charleygirl Fri 30-Oct-15 17:20:41

Milkfamily12 Can I mention that it is confusing posting the same subject x2.

Bellanonna Fri 30-Oct-15 17:26:16


Bellanonna Fri 30-Oct-15 17:27:46

I mean I reported that there was another identical thread and we only need one.