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Menopause question.

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hildajenniJ Mon 28-Dec-15 10:44:40

I thought that I was well through the menopause but just recently symptoms have returned. I have been having night sweats again! Also, the insomnia has returned which I thought I had overcome as I have been sleeping better lately. Today I have a stabbing pain, on and off, just like ovulation pain. Could my ovaries be having a final fling? It's been eleven years since my last period! It is all so annoying, as you all know my job requires a 04:00 start. I need more sleep.

downtoearth Mon 28-Dec-15 10:57:43

This has happened to me hot flushes night sweats, have returned,have put this down to resident teenagers cycle,I always feel bloated,boobs get bigger and uncomfortable on some regular basis that seems to sync with her cycle,I always feel a sense of release and tell her I knew her period has started even when it has just happened.

Bellanonna Mon 28-Dec-15 10:57:50

Go and see the GP Hilda. Just for reassurance. I am older than you but still get woken up once or twice a night in a sweat. I went to the GP many years ago and she ran some tests. I still have the sweats but my health hasn't changed so I ignore it annoying though it is. It takes ages to get back to sleep. As you need to be up early this is having a big impact on your sleep. Do go though, as if there is an underlying reason, it can be dealt with. I'm sure there will be lots of other comments. It possibly just is hormonal and may not be uncommon. Let's see what others say.

downtoearth Mon 28-Dec-15 11:02:42

Just a thought do you work with all women and are they prefer menopause,I am thinking of the pheromone theory apparently women working ,living closely have cycles that coincide with each other,I have also experienced this when working with women our cycles where all the same.

hildajenniJ Mon 28-Dec-15 11:20:56

I work by myself. The only co-workers I have contact with are men! I do early morning cleaning in the offices and washrooms in Waitrose. The shop staff start at 06:00 and I finish at 07:00. I usually go back to bed for a couple of hours on my return home, and can function quite well. I'm usually bright and breezy at 03:00! I have had four mornings off over Christmas so perhaps that has something to do with it. If the ? ovulation pain continues I will certainly visit the GP, I decided, in the beginning, not to have HRT, preferring to do it naturally.

downtoearth Mon 28-Dec-15 17:05:15

thats blown that theory then grin ..but I do empathise with you xx

hildajenniJ Mon 28-Dec-15 18:45:21

"Ovulation" pain has almost gone. I think it's probably just my hormones having a final (hopefully) fling! The night sweats are horrid though, and I thought I was last those. How wrong can you be!

glassortwo Mon 28-Dec-15 20:02:56

I have had a few night flushes over the holidays but put it down to more red wine than usual, I have completely been off the HRT for a good few months now and things had settled down. But it has been so warm these last few nights in Newcastle hilda even DH has said how warm it was and we have slept with the window wide open. Going to have a dry January so will see if it was the wine causing the flushes.