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hedy47 Thu 14-Jan-16 12:34:08

What does U3A mean? As a fairly new member I find it off-putting trying to figure out the many abbreviations that appear on this site. Perhaps someone could make up a glossary? confused

tanith Thu 14-Jan-16 12:38:10

Its University of the Third Age hedy47 if you google it you'll see what its all about and also if you look high up on the page to the blue banner at the right hand end it says Acronyms which will help you.

kittylester Thu 14-Jan-16 12:38:42

There is a glossary if you click on Acronyms at the top of the page. You won't find U3A there as it stands for University of the 3rd Age. That acronym is used by the wider population not just GN.

Welcome to GN, hedy! flowers

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 14-Jan-16 12:41:57

There is a list of acronyms. Look up the top of the page. The bar that begins 'Active'. At the end of that bar, click on 'acronyms'.

I think U3A is University of the Third Age. Nothing to do with this site.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 14-Jan-16 12:43:31

grin Three helpful sods posters. What more could you ask for?

grannylyn65 Thu 14-Jan-16 12:52:45

U3A is wonderful, in Perth anyway!!

hedy47 Thu 14-Jan-16 12:53:20

Absolutely jinglbellsfrocks! You are a helpful bunch. Thanks so much.

ninathenana Thu 14-Jan-16 13:00:31

I just wish my nearest U3A wasn't a 40min drive away. I've no intention of doing that on a dark night.

grannylyn65 Thu 14-Jan-16 13:01:36

Most of our classes are during the day nina x

AlieOxon Thu 14-Jan-16 13:43:33

A lot of older people here saw that they needed one and started it about three years ago.....I'm in three groups and they are all afternoon or is set up for older people, retired or not working,I meet people from 50s to 90....all learning something!

Look at

grannylyn65 Thu 14-Jan-16 16:31:11

Good link Alie, I don't know how to do it!blush