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Granarchist Thu 11-Feb-16 11:41:31

A friend is, we think, the target of an fraudulent insurance claim. Someone has accused her of causing an accident in a supermarket carpark and driving off. As luck would have it she went to get petrol from the supermarket petrol station (hardly the act of someone driving off from the scene of an accident) and her receipt shows the exact time the claimant says she was hitting his car. However she now has the hassle of the police coming to inspect her car (which of course has no damage whatsoever on it) and having to prove her innocence. We are hoping the CCTV in the car park and the petrol station will clear her, but my daughter suggested that a dashcam would have proved her innocence immediately. Does anyone have experience of different makes of dashcam? Also is it possible to have a lengthy time loop, because if filming is overwritten too quickly this incident would have been wiped before the insurance company got in touch with her.

Anya Thu 11-Feb-16 12:04:45

Which did a test of dashcams last year and came up with some clear best buys and don't buys. And it would tell you all you want to know.

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Nonnie Thu 11-Feb-16 12:34:14

We bought DS a dashcam after he had an accident which had made him rather a nervous driver and he feels more confident now. We also bought ourselves one. I think some automatically stop after recording an accident. Don't know how to deal with one ages after a non-existent accident though. Don't think I would worry about that as the claimant clearly has no proof.

Coincidentally this was on Fb this morning:

crun Thu 11-Feb-16 12:46:41

Those are quite funny, as long as you have the camera for proof. grin