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Zips on Dresses!

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7wistful8 Sat 12-Mar-16 17:44:05

Please does anyone have a bright idea on how to succeed in doing up zips on dresses where the zip runs down the back them?! It can be usually easily solved if you have someone in the house to able to assist you in this task and is around when you are putting on such a dress and taking it off again when needed, but what about if you are now on your own? Any helpful and workable suggestions gratefully received, as I have yet to solve this problem and have dresses I cannot wear for this reason.

phoenix Sat 12-Mar-16 17:51:11

Before putting the dress on, either thread a loop of something (ribbon, shoe lace etc) through the little hole at the end of the zip tab, or (even better, in my opinion) the end of the handle of a wire coat hanger.

You should then be able to reach whatever you have attached, pull up the zip and then unattach it.

Synonymous Sat 12-Mar-16 18:04:10

Use a large safety pin or similar attached on a long cord. Clip the hook or thread the safety pin on to the little hole in the 'pull' on the zip and close it. Hold on to the end of the cord as you put the dress on then move the end you are holding round so that it is above one of your shoulders and then pull gently. You need to hang on to the base of the zip to tension it but you will find just sitting down does the job and then you don't catch your skin in the zip.

I am afraid that if there is no little hole on your zips's 'tongue' you are sunk! hmm

Synonymous Sat 12-Mar-16 18:05:30

Whoops Xposts! Someone came to the door and I didn't check. hmm

Coolgran65 Sat 12-Mar-16 20:57:31

My friend got me to pull up her zip when she got into my car, and pull it down when I dropped her home later that night smile