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tax refund informo

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Cath9 Tue 19-Apr-16 14:56:33

I haven't filled in a tax form before from my email addess.
So can anyone confirm that this can be done, as I don't want to give my details to some weirdie, although it does look as if the email is from the Inland Revenue.

So all I want to know if they do send a refund informo through your email address and want your bank account number, is this possible?

MiniMouse Tue 19-Apr-16 15:09:34

DON'T do it!!! It sounds like the scam that's doing the rounds. Again! angry

aggie Tue 19-Apr-16 15:10:30

IT IS A SCAM , I get that email and I don't pay tax , so how on earth would I get a refund

glammanana Tue 19-Apr-16 15:27:08

Its a scam don't dare give your Bank details to anyone, if you are due a tax refund Inland Revenue either send you a cheque or refund is paid into your salary after your code has been ajusted.(I think that is correct) but keep your Bank details to yourself.

Elegran Tue 19-Apr-16 15:27:21

DELETE IT, cath9 and ask yourself why they would send you an email message when they don't have your email address?

It is obviously part of a bulk mailing which uses every combination of letters they can think of, in the hope that by chance some of them will be genuine email addresses. If you respond, they know that they have a hit, and they will continue to ask you questions until they have your bank details.

Then they may SAY that it is to send you a refund, but in reality it is so that they can TAKE money from you.

Go separately to the website of the Inland Revenue, without using any links in the message, and ask them whether they have contacted you. I would bet that they have not.

grumppa Tue 19-Apr-16 15:37:28

I think IMRC have confirmed that they always contact taxpayers by post, and only by post, in the event of refunds or demands being due.

GrannyPiggy Tue 19-Apr-16 15:44:53

Don't do it
I've had this scam too and I know it isn't correct because we are in middle of compliance check !!!