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Best Friend Gooooone!

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hildajenniJ Wed 02-Nov-16 12:57:55

In Edinburgh, in the pouring rain on Halloween, my little grandson, age 4 years and 1 day, lost his best friend. It's a Jellycat bunny, but unfortunately it was a limited edition which they no longer produce. I wonder if any of you lovely Grannies can point me in the direction of one? I seem to have exhausted every avenue. My daughter has put messages on several social network sites so we are hopeful, but nobody has found bunny yet. He looks like this.

thatbags Wed 02-Nov-16 13:00:44

What make is it, hilda?

hildajenniJ Wed 02-Nov-16 13:12:48

He's a Jellycat Bashful Bunny called Dixie. My DD bought it when E was a baby. He loves it to bits and was distraught when he realised it was gone. The don't do him any more, he was a limited edition.

cornergran Wed 02-Nov-16 13:15:20

Try small independent shops hilda. A similar thing happened with our littlest! His wasn't available in the chains or on the net but we found three hiding in an independent card shop. He now has two, just in case smile. It may also be worth putting a wanted on Freecycle, there may be one in a box somewhere that would benefit from being loved again. Good luck. They do so love their Jellycats.

Elegran Wed 02-Nov-16 13:27:37

Have you tried the police lost property? He may have been handed in.

Elegran Wed 02-Nov-16 13:31:38

There ius a relation of Trixie's on Ebay -

Different colour but similar blotchy fur. Could become a substitute.

DaphneBroon Wed 02-Nov-16 13:35:11

You could try Facebook including any local groups. NCT and Mumsnet too. The one nearest to us (Olney Noticeboard) is always advertising "lost"or "found" cuddly toys.
Or eBay?
Given that some Jellycat toys are quite pricey according to the website, it may cost a bit to buy even a secondhand one.
If you have no success, somebody is going to have a lot of explaining to do when Bunny's cousin from abroad arrives on an Exchange visit sad

Elegran Wed 02-Nov-16 13:37:09

Sorry, meant Dixie.

ffinnochio Wed 02-Nov-16 13:40:55

Try Magazijn de Bijenkorf B.V.

There is a very similar Bashful Bunny - not as spotted by very close to your image.

SueDonim Wed 02-Nov-16 13:49:03

If you haven't done so already, Mumsnet might be a good place to ask.

Hope,you get him back, or a replacement.

BBbevan Wed 02-Nov-16 13:51:23

Try eBay There are a few on there. Not quite the same but similar. Good Luck

Candlefran Wed 02-Nov-16 13:55:50

Oh God. This is so sad. Get onto local newspapers and get them to run a feature? Something must be done. sad

Jalima Wed 02-Nov-16 14:05:30

I presume they have walked the Hallowe'en trail again - he's not sitting on someone's wall somewhere is he?

I do know the feeling, special rag dolly got left on a bus, she must have gone off on her own adventures, and another limited edition dolly got left on her own for five minutes - when we went back she had gone sad

hildajenniJ Wed 02-Nov-16 14:36:15

We would retrace our steps but we are not in Edinburgh. My DD and her family live in Glasgow. My D has put out requests on various social media sites, and her message has been shared all over the place. We might be lucky, but I'm not hopeful.

Jalima Wed 02-Nov-16 14:42:12

Fingers and toes crossed smile

Ana Wed 02-Nov-16 17:28:04

It's such a distinctive pattern (leopard print?), I wonder whether someone could make a replica of the bunny if you could find the right material?

Might be worth a go!

kittylester Wed 02-Nov-16 17:54:21

The villages round here have 'Spotted village name' on Fb. Ours always has someone trying to pair up a lost something or another and they seem to be successful! Good luck.

I posted a photo on here once of DGD2 sitting patiently watching her 'Buddy' go round and round so I know how much he will be missing it!

annodomini Wed 02-Nov-16 18:38:31

There are loads of jellycat bunnies on Ebay but couldn't see any made of that animal print material.

Elegran Wed 02-Nov-16 18:39:35

I saw one but it was black and white.

Grandma2213 Thu 03-Nov-16 00:02:28

It's so sad when these best friends go missing. One of my GDC's took Emma her cuddly lion (her gift from Santa on a rail trip) to watch 'Jungle Book'. Emma got left behind and even though we went back minutes later she had gone. We had to console DGD by saying another child had fallen in love with her and was taking care of her in her new adventures.

Oldest DGD left Clarabelle the cow (yes!) on the coach taking us from the airport to the hotel on holiday. DS went into superhero mode, leapt on the bus as it was departing and refused to let it go until everyone searched for her. Clarabelle was found and returned to distraught DGD luckily and we had a great holiday thereafter!

Hope Jellycat bunny or his twin brother is returned. It matters!!

Shanma Thu 03-Nov-16 00:12:08

You could also try " My Lost Box" I have heard that is very good.

when my Son was little he had an old small tartan blanket which had to go everywhere with him, we cut it n half just in case ( Not that you could do that with the Bunny!!). I do hope you find it, or something very similar, what a disaster flowers

rubylady Thu 03-Nov-16 03:39:23

Gosh, that is terrible Hilda. My heart goes out to your grandson. sad

I had to run all around town when my little sister was young because she had left her tiny tears on the bus so I had to leg it to get her back.

I also got my tiny tears back the day after I got married. I had left her in the attic at my parents. She is 50 years old at Christmas.

Good luck with your search, I do hope you find him. X

rubylady Thu 03-Nov-16 04:32:49

Just a thought, you could put it out on your local Streetlife site. Someone might have picked him up. X

grannypiper Thu 03-Nov-16 20:29:51

hildajennij, any news ?