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Who would buy *this* scented candle!?

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granoffour Thu 08-Dec-16 12:08:58

Apparently you can buy a candle that will make your house smell like KFC. Quick before they sell out! grin

Teetime Thu 08-Dec-16 12:09:47


gillybob Thu 08-Dec-16 12:23:48

I couldn't think of a worse smell for a candle granoffour except maybe McDonalds! My dd used to work there and believe you me that smell is impossible to get rid of even on the hottest of washes.

Personally I hate the smell of Vanilla it knocks me sick, but I do love those lovely Cinnamon smells that are around at Christmas time though.

shysal Thu 08-Dec-16 12:27:06

Marginally better than 'yesterday's fish' would be! Yuk!

Greyduster Thu 08-Dec-16 12:44:18

Smacks of candle making desperation!!

Mumsy Thu 08-Dec-16 13:17:39

ok for a joke pressie for someone who loves kfc, but really!!

jusnoneed Thu 08-Dec-16 13:43:04

yuk! I hate smelly candles anyway, make my stomach turn (even hate walking past them in a shop), but that would be a big no no.

Teetime Thu 08-Dec-16 14:30:21

I could buy one for my SIL who thinks KFC is food.

mrsjones Thu 08-Dec-16 15:49:04

Some of my neighbours would love it!

grannypiper Thu 08-Dec-16 19:17:54

stop the world, i need to get off