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Placing a bookmark into a film recorded on Sky

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sherish Sun 05-Mar-17 08:20:03

We have had Sky for several years now but can't fathom out how to pause a film part way through and return to watch it later. I know other Grans have mentioned doing this but I'm at a loss. Could anyone please help me.

Grannyknot Sun 05-Mar-17 09:00:19

sherish we just use the "backup" button on the remote which then exits the film at the point you were watching it from the "Planner" menu. Then next time you click on the film it says "Viewed 74 minutes" (or whatever) and you press "Play", and off you go from where you left off. Hope this helps.

Grannyknot Sun 05-Mar-17 09:57:42

It actually says "Last viewed ..." (I’ve just resumed watching Florence Foster Jenkins).

sherish Sun 05-Mar-17 15:23:12

flowers Thank you so much for your help. A film lasting three hours has me nodding after an hour and a half.

Grannyknot Sun 05-Mar-17 18:44:27

sherish films nowadays are often way too long and could be edited down. Husband and I often mutter "Okay we get it" grin when a scene is dragged out for no apparent reason. I can usually manage 1 and a half hours too before my concentration wanders off even if I don't!