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Mapleleaf Thu 06-Jul-17 08:43:48

Have any of you lovely people got a suggestion for a housewarming gift for friends who are moving? Someone else has already given them a picture. They already have lots of household things.(We're non of us newly weds just setting up home). I'd thought maybe a plant or small garden ornament of some sort?

Mapleleaf Thu 06-Jul-17 08:44:38

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Gagagran Thu 06-Jul-17 08:52:51

Our DD and DsiL moved 7 years ago and we bought them a large ceramic outdoor planter filled with bright orange lily bulbs. These have come up every spring and given them a lot of pleasure and a colourful display to give everyone else pleasure outside their door.

Gagagran Thu 06-Jul-17 08:54:03

We did make sure the pot was a frost proof one!

Teetime Thu 06-Jul-17 08:54:24

I was going to suggest something like a potted fig or olive tree. My friend sent me a beautiful potted azalea from M & S when we moved in and it flowers every spring- we say 'Jane's here' when it comes into flower.

Greyduster Thu 06-Jul-17 08:59:55

I think something for the garden is always acceptable, Maple. If they are not avid gardeners, or only have a small garden, something low maintenance in a nice pot. If she cooks, what about a bay tree? I bought a lovely clipped bay for DD at Christmas (it is now dead, but that is parr for the course with my daughter, and is by the by!).

Mapleleaf Thu 06-Jul-17 10:46:28

Thank you for your suggestions. I am thinking something for the garden is the way to go. 😊

Nanabilly Thu 06-Jul-17 10:53:17

Have they already got a nice posh door number on display. You can get some lovely ones nowadays

Mapleleaf Thu 06-Jul-17 19:20:59

Thank you for your ideas. Went to the garden centre today and saw a lovely outdoor clock, so decided to buy that. 😊

Grannyben Thu 06-Jul-17 19:42:47

My next door neighbours had the most lovely outdoor clothing. Thankfully it was on our joint wall so i got to share it. I would have been so pleased to receive one myself. I'm sure your friends will love your gift

Grannyben Thu 06-Jul-17 19:43:35

Outdoor clothing! Why don't I ever click the preview button?

Mapleleaf Thu 06-Jul-17 22:30:41

Thank you, Grannyben. I hope they will like it. I think they will.

jacq10 Fri 07-Jul-17 21:52:10

Definitely not a picture. They may not like it and then would have to drag it out if you were to visit!! Something for the garden or a really good item for the kitchen that they wouldn't buy themselves. I'm a keen gardener and prefer to pick plant pots myself but would love some good quality kitchen stuff.

Leesa Fri 07-Jul-17 22:32:47

What about some outdoor solar fairy lights?
I recently bought some and they are lovely and somehow make me feel happy when Iook at them.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Sat 08-Jul-17 18:20:08

We have just moved - it's really hard to unpack, sort, find new places for everything etc. We are trying to get rid of stuff rather than accrue it. But flowers, anything for the garden and (from one lovely friend) home-cooked food for the freezer have all been lovely to receive

Witzend Sun 09-Jul-17 08:36:48

Unless you know the couple's taste as well as you know your own, then IMO the likes of John Lewis or garden centre vouchers are probably the best bet. A bit boring, I know, but almost guaranteed to be welcome.