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Loujoamk Sun 16-Jul-17 10:10:50

I am new to this site so apologies for basic question! Just wondered ( with my school teacher hat on!) - are posts monitored / moderated? I know that we are all adults - but a particularly nasty response to my post yesterday makes me wonder - 'Do we protect ourselves from trolls ?' I wasn't upset by the nasty comments - but what if I had been?

What do we do in these circumstances folks? Unfortunately, the internet attracts bullies and gives them access to many more 'potential targets'

whitewave Sun 16-Jul-17 10:12:56

Report it, but I wouldn't hold your breath as I reported someone for calling me a liar but it still stood. I am absolutely furious about it as I can't recall anyone in my entire life accusing me of lying.

Bellanonna Sun 16-Jul-17 10:18:15

The post you refer to was unpleasant Loujoamk, and was picked up by a few other posters. I don't think we're allowed to use the T word but report it by all means. Note he/she didn't come back to defend him/herself!

ninathenana Sun 16-Jul-17 10:38:23

Just a heads up as you say your new to report a post click on the three little dots in the bottom right of the post and you will get a drop down.
HQ do keep an eye out, as the sometimes post on a thread themselves but the don't catch every problem post.
I didn't see the thread/post in question so won't comment further but welcome to GN.

Marydoll Sun 16-Jul-17 11:23:26

Loujoamk, there are lots of really nice grans on GN. Don't let one unpleasant one spoil your enjoyment of GN. It's great what you are doing.

Starlady Sun 16-Jul-17 13:24:22

I don't see "three little dots in the bottom right of the posts," but I do see the word "Report" in the upper right of each post. Perhaps it depends on one's browser?

Anyhow, Lou, whichever you see, just click it on and make a report if you wish. I don't think HQ deletes harsh replies, however, unless they determine that it contains an attack. They will come in and remind people to be supportive in a "support" thread, but yours wasn't labeled as such, so idk.

As for the post you're talking about, Lou, I saw it and thought it was very rude and cruel. But like Bella, I also saw other posters call the mean poster out. Still, by all means, report it.

Even attacks - Often they deal with them, but sometimes they don't. Iv seen posts "disappear" here before when they had an attack in them. But I reported a post where someone called another person a nasty name and it's still standing.