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Microwave advice needed

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Fishpieplease Tue 24-Oct-17 11:23:33

I need to buy a new microwave and am confused by the choice. Didn't know you could get a flat bed one now(?!) Can you share your suggestions please? I thought I wanted a basic one for heating ping meals and defrosting, but could be tempted by one with a grill/steam function etc if it were worth getting my head round the choices and instructions.

Charleygirl Tue 24-Oct-17 11:33:29

A few years ago I bought an all singing and dancing one but rarely used its other functions. My present one is a simple Panasonic- the only problem is that liquid overflows and makes a mess. Now if I want to reheat eg a mug of coffee I pour it first into a medium microwavable jug. I frequently bring back my free coffee from Waitrose and I learned the hard way re mess. This has never happened to me before.

Sorry I cannot help you re a flat bed one, I also have no idea what it is. If you are unadventurous like me, small, simple and cheap are best.

shysal Tue 24-Oct-17 11:48:22

My first ever microwave was all singing and dancing, but I rarely used any function apart from 100% basic cook. I now have one of the cheapest available, around £30, and it does all I need. It isn't even digital, has knobs to turn, which is less complicated ( I can never work out how to work DD's digital). I would never bother to pay a lot, but I haven't heard of a flat bed either.
Good luck with your search.

hildajenniJ Tue 24-Oct-17 11:53:57

I recently had to replaces my microwave. I bought a Tower combination microwave. It grills and air fries too, but I haven't tried out the other functions yet. I bought the combination oven primarily too be of use at Christmas, because I never have enough room in my oven. The microwave function works fine, I've done lots of melting, heating, sauces etc.

hildajenniJ Tue 24-Oct-17 11:57:47

By the way, the Nursing home I worked in had a flatbed microwave oven, (no turntable). It was a high powered creature, I was always rather afraid of it! 😃😃

Nandalot Tue 24-Oct-17 12:14:52

I’ve had combi microwaves for a long time now. I had a very slow single oven that took ages to heat up so this was more economical and quicker. I never used the grill function. However, I think they didn’t last as long, one function giving up the host. Now with a speedy new ‘bakeoff’ oven I don’t use the oven on the combi so much but use it for big family gatherings as extra oven.

maytime2 Tue 24-Oct-17 12:56:40

I had to buy a new microwave a few months ago as the interior lining had started to bubble. Nothing wrong with the actual working of the microwave but the inside was flaking off. I wanted a basic microwave (no grill etc) but failed to get one that had a stainless steel lining. Whereas my very first basic microwave bought about 30 years ago had stainless steel as standard.
Salesman advised that I buy a microwave that had the same interior as a normal oven. Pleased with it so far.

Willow500 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:26:11

I had a multifunction micro for over 20 years which is still working but have had a new kitchen recently where this didn't fit. We moved it into the utility room but I felt it needed updating so have just bought the flatbed one which is also an oven and grill with 2/3 shelves (one is a glass shelf for using with the microwave function). It's about the same size so not small but will be ideal for Christmas as an extra oven. Much easier to deal with than the turntable too - I've never been able to site them back without a lot of hassle and so much easier to clean!

Franbern Tue 24-Oct-17 13:40:48

My very first microwave - back in the late 1970's did not have a turntable. Just a large box, an unseen arm in the ceiling of the machine turned round. Loved this. Was ever so expensive then, but could put different size casserole dishes in there. It worked for nearly twenty years. Then my youngest son slammed the door so hard, the glass broke. Due to its age was not possible to repair, got paid out on household insurance, but could not find anything similar then in the shops. I asked Philips why they did not make these anymore, only the ones with the turntables, and was told that the public did not trust m.waves if they could net see the food turning around. Sounds like they are now back.
However, I would, like other here, unless you are usually cooking for a large family, then the small, cheap ones with limited functions are the best. Best use for microwave is just that, - porridge, baked potatoes, heating milk, water, scrambled//poached eggs, baked beans, etc.

NanTheWiser Tue 24-Oct-17 16:47:43

I have a Panasonic m/wave flatbed combi model, bought about 6ish years ago. It was very useful for heating ready meals, and also good for jacket potatoes, but since a kitchen refurbish and new double oven, I only use it to heat by microwave these days. It really depends on what you want to use it for - if just for microwaving, then go for a more basic model.

behemothboy Mon 31-Aug-20 16:26:11

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Cabbie21 Mon 31-Aug-20 17:12:07

I had a combination microwave, oven, grill for years but after the novelty wore off I only used the microwave. It was very big and heavy but I did not replace it until it went wrong. Now I have a basic microwave, though it does has various power levels, which stops things boiling over. Although not a flatbed, you can remove the circular plate and stop it turning. I made sure it would take the largest dishes that I want to use , many are quite small.