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NanKate Wed 25-Oct-17 23:10:16

Telephone directories seem to be obsolete now. I want to look up the address of someone who lives in East Sussex, any ideas how I can go about it ? I tried but you have to sign up and pay for this facility.

Bellanonna Wed 25-Oct-17 23:31:04

Libraries used to have Kelly’s Directories. I used something similar at my library a few years ago. Understandably you have to show ID.

kittylester Thu 26-Oct-17 06:41:32

I use bt phone book in line and have never had to pay. Lots of people aren't there though as rhey don't have a landline. Could you try the electoral roll if you know the area?

NanKate Thu 26-Oct-17 07:10:27

I seem to have drawn a blank with the online directory which keeps coming up with the word Error. I will try in the library today. Thanks.

notnecessarilywiser Thu 26-Oct-17 07:54:46

I use - you do have to sign up but there's no charge and you're allowed to make a limited number of searches (5?) each day.