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Shouldn't the Daily Telegraph know better?

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Riverwalk Fri 27-Oct-17 08:06:05

It seems that Megan Markle is of Yorkshire stock - baby Martha emigrated with her family in 1869. According to the DT:

'Martha is a direct descendant of Ms Markle's father Thomas, a lighting director' shock

eazybee Fri 27-Oct-17 08:55:28

Whatever happened to sub-editors?
The DT is littered with spelling, grammatical and simple factual errors.

Anya Fri 27-Oct-17 09:08:07

Who’s Megan Markle?

ninathenana Fri 27-Oct-17 09:09:49

Prince Harry's girlfriend

annsixty Fri 27-Oct-17 09:18:03

Is that online?
My paper version states, Martha is a direct ancester of Thomas , Ms Markle' s father, a lighting director.

Riverwalk Fri 27-Oct-17 09:38:27

Yes, annsixty on-line.

I thought it would be corrected by now but just checked and Martha is still a descendent of Megan's father!

annsixty Fri 27-Oct-17 09:41:33

Black marks then to whoever puts the copy on.

felice Fri 27-Oct-17 13:44:02

Who cares, ok just spent 2 hours filling in some very complicated forms online in French, so neither care who Martha was or who she is related to.

petra Fri 27-Oct-17 20:38:28

The worst I saw today was an article which started with:
Student Rapist, then his name, followed by the offence.