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Tradesmen in the Reading/Burghfield Common Area

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Tuppence15 Sat 23-Dec-17 19:21:51

Hi all
I am looking for a reliable and trusty Electrician and Gardener/Handyman in the Reading/Burghfield Common area to do a few jobs for my mother. I don’t live in England so have no contacts to help her out. She has had a lot of dodgy people who either don’t come back or want a lot of money for doing very little. I was hoping that the wonderful army of gransnetters out there might be able to help.
Thank you.

Greenfinch Sat 23-Dec-17 20:25:00

If you google Age UK Berkshire/Handyman you will be able to see what is on offer.Some services are free if there is a referral from the council.Otherwise the charge is £25 per hour.As least you know you will not be ripped off.I hope you find what you need.