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Replacing Quingo Classic batteries

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roysmokie Thu 28-Dec-17 13:43:59

I have a Quingo Classic mobility scooter that needs new batteries, Quingo want £300 + to replace them, I have found a company (SLK Power) that provide the correct batteries for £111.00 per set. I cannot find how to access the battery compartment on the scooter I have tried searching tthe net and YouTube etc but cannot find any help. Can anyone help with manual or instructions. TIA

XXGrannyXX Mon 01-Jan-18 11:50:35

Well my grandson has recently bought a ''hoverboard', which does not require any batteries. For this reason I think you may want to consider replacing your mobility scooter, with a hoverboard. No need for Quingo batteries any more 😉

Janehammy Thu 29-Mar-18 04:19:22

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