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Amma54 Sun 11-Feb-18 16:09:55

I'd be glad of advice on the following as I'm sure a good few of you must have dealt with this by now.

I am buying a house. My daughter, who is divorcing her husband, is going to move in with her 3 year old daughter. Her ex has a good relationship with their child, who spends almost half the week with him. The distance between his home and our intended one is about 10 miles. This is intended to be for 2 years or so while she establishes herself a bit better, but those last two points aren't really relevant here, just a bit of background.

We'd like some input on how we can ease the transition of moving from one place to the other. How have others managed it? We thought she could come over to 'Nannie's house' on visits to get used to it, as I intend to move in first, and telling her she can have her own room there, decorated to her choice (within reason) etc. Any other ideas? hmm

Nonnie Sun 11-Feb-18 16:21:23

I think you should keep it simple. A 3 year old will simply accept the move and as long as she has the security of people she knows and loves she will be fine.

cornergran Sun 11-Feb-18 16:29:51

Yes, I agree with nonnie, your granddaughter will love her own room, let her choose colours if she wants to but make as little fuss as possible. She will have you and her Mum. It may be harder for you than for her depending how you feel about moving yourself. My only ‘itch’ about your plan is if she thinks it’s Nannies house might it be harder for her to accept it as her home, albeit a temporary one? Two years will seem forever at her age. I wonder why you wouldn’t just tell her the house is for you all, worry about another move when it comes. I guess there will be lots of opinions, you and your daughter know her best, trust your instinct. I hope it all goes smoothly for you all.