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Wennz Mon 26-Feb-18 11:51:26

My 96 year old Aunt who lives on her own will be needing a stair lift in the very near future to enable her to live in her own home. I live some distance away so would need a comany that would give 24 hour care. Has anyone found such a company that they would recommend.

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 12:10:33

I think that she would need a visit to see what aids she will need, probably a good idea to get Social services involved,you can then get the items they recommend.
they might also be able to recommend an agency that deals with round the clock care, or you could Google it and read the reviews of the various companies local to your Aunt. Then set up interviews.
Difficult to recommend as each individual will have different needs and will react differently to the carers.

MawBroon Mon 26-Feb-18 12:21:09

We found Stannah very helpful, but sad never got beyond the first visit!

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 26-Feb-18 12:34:47

I think I misread your post!
Stannah have installed a stair lift in our neighbours house, I see their van quite regularly and they are very satisfied with the aftercare, but whether they offer 24 hour care I’m not sure about.

As with all questions- Google it.

callgirl1 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:07:46

Mine was from Acorn, I have a maintenance agreement with them, they guarantee to attend within 24 hours of call out. Out of the 3 companies we contacted, they were only one who would install one for us, the others said outright that our stairs were too narrow.

Wennz Tue 27-Feb-18 09:25:21

Thank you callgirl1 it's good to hear from someone using them as I have an appointment booked with them for a quote this week.

Wennz Tue 27-Feb-18 09:26:52

Thank you Oopsadaisy12 I will contact Stannah and see what they have to say.

callgirl1 Tue 27-Feb-18 22:05:31

I`ve had mine for almost 6 years, no complaints.

Jane10 Wed 28-Feb-18 07:01:45

The centre where I volunteer installed a stair lift four years ago. It has recently had to be removed as no company would take on the maintenance contract! Unbelievable. It cost a fortune too. The poor charity could ill afford it. angry

Charleygirl Wed 28-Feb-18 08:30:18

Friends of mine had their stairlift installed and paid for my their local SS-I could not believe it!

I hope that your aunt has a downstairs loo because that is essential because although some proviode 24 hour service, because of how busy they are there may be many hours before they arrive.

I bought mine in 2009 from a small company which has been swallowed up by a larger company. A maintenance contract is a good ideas because servicing and/or repair is pricey.