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Kenwood bread maker. How does it work?

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Celeste22 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:27:58

Help please. I have acquired a kenwood bread maker model 48220 but there's no instruction booklet. Can anyone please tell me how it works? I've never used a bread maker before.
Thank you.

Purpledaffodil Mon 19-Mar-18 21:36:43
All you need do is google Kenwood bread maker with model number and up it pops! Looks like you can print it out too.
Good luck!

Nelliemoser Mon 19-Mar-18 22:33:51

You can usually find manuals for all sorts of appliances etc if you Google the make.

Celeste22 Mon 19-Mar-18 22:37:36

Thank you. I was told by the giver that she had searched on line but in vain. I have found it now. Thank you.