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We had one of these a while ago, and I think it might be time to revive it!

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phoenix Wed 02-May-18 18:57:27

Hello all,

Some may remember that we used to have a couple of threads running that were a useful source of info, one was on household tips, the other was on products (including food) that GN members had tried and recommended.

Anyone else feel that specific threads along those lines might be of interest?

Bridgeit Wed 02-May-18 19:02:52

Yes Why not ? We can always learn / be helped by
new/ different ideas & solutions

Alima Wed 02-May-18 19:05:41

There was a thread a while ago about various most embarrassing moments. That was really funny.

Bridgeit Wed 02-May-18 20:04:45

Vinegar added to last hairwash rinse, gives a lovely shine ( not sure if works if hair is white or dyed) also supposed to have kept nits away back in the day!

Willow500 Wed 02-May-18 21:17:48

Any tips on cleaning very dirty UPVC windows and doors (not mine) would be appreciated - inside the frames particularly which I'm sure will be black shock

Jalima1108 Wed 02-May-18 21:59:15

I used vinegar in the final rinse when I was a teenager!

Don't attempt to put lemon juice on your hair then go out in the sunshine in an attempt to bleach it.
It can go green.

My mother always cleaned windows with vinegar in warm water using a chamois leather, then finished it off with newspaper.
I use a toothbrush on the window frames, it's the best thing for getting in the corners.

lemongrove Wed 02-May-18 22:10:19

I woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking idle thoughts ( as you do) and remembered I used to buy
Zoflora, a concentrated flowery scented disinfectant that was brilliant if you put a couple of drops down sink plugholes and in loos.
Went into B & M the other day and they sell it! Only £1
I hadn’t seen this product in years.It’s brilliant.

Day6 Wed 02-May-18 22:41:44

Oh I too use Zoflora in sinks and loos lemon. It's always nice when you run the tap and get a lovely flowery scent in the bathroom. smile

Nanabilly Thu 03-May-18 07:56:13

Zoflora is good if you only use a drop or 2 ..If you use too much it makes me feel sick and I get a headache. I use it when washing floors.
It was always under the kitchen sink in my parents house too.

Blue45Sapphire Thu 03-May-18 08:31:28

Oh yes, Zoflora is lovely. I dilute it into a spray bottle and give my bathroom floors a good spray, then go over them with a microfibre mop - much quicker than lugging the steam mop upstairs. Also use it to clean bathroom tops.

Teetime Thu 03-May-18 08:49:19

2 things here that remind me of morning sickness - vinegar and Zoflora - both used by my mother in her cleaning regime they used to set my hyperemesis off and the very thought of them now makes me feel ill - strange what smells can do to you especially when connected to a memory. Now the Smell of Paco Rabanne aftershave elicits a very different response!!! grin

Grammaretto Fri 04-May-18 08:01:51

We used zoflora to clean up whilst house training our puppy so sadly, the sweet- pea smell of the disinfectant put me off the flowers for years. Dettol is the scent of disinfectant for me!

phoenix Fri 04-May-18 09:20:36

Morning all, quick question.

As the title of this thread doesn't really make it clear what it's about, what do you think about having 2 threads, one with handy household hints & tips, and the other for recommendations for products, including food etc?

shysal Fri 04-May-18 09:47:07

Good idea Phoenix, please go ahead and start them.

Greenfinch Fri 04-May-18 09:47:40

I think that is an excellent. idea phoenix

Greenfinch Fri 04-May-18 09:55:47

I cannot use aerosol sprays of any sort because DH has COPD. Although he has never smoked,use of these sprays is equivalent to smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day.Plain water with a little washing up liquid is adequte for most jobs.

phoenix Fri 04-May-18 11:06:12

Thanks for the feedback, I'll get on the case! smile

lemongrove Fri 04-May-18 11:20:39

Grammaretto I noticed when I bought it that it now comes in all sorts of scents: the original Bouquet, but I bought the Hyacinch one ( when you’re ready to mop, does it become Hyacinth Bucket?grin) Also lavender and another one I can’t remember and Winter Cinnamon.

lemongrove Fri 04-May-18 11:22:22

Another good product I have started buying again is from Lakeland ( I could spend a fortune in there) it’s their toastabags for making ( for me anyway) cheese and ham toasties......mmmmmnn.

Jalima1108 Fri 04-May-18 11:23:56

Interesting lemongrove, thanks - our lean and mean grill is looking past its best and the sandwich bags would be ideal to stop the bread touching the actual grill.