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Help! Nasty washing machine smells.

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Katek Mon 14-May-18 11:43:42

Every time I pass the utility room door all I can smell is a sour, dampish sort of aroma from the washing machine. I’ve run it through on 60c with bleach, cleaned all the drawers and door seal and even tried a washing machine cleaner. I actually think that’s made it worse. Fortunately there’s no smell transferring to the laundry but need to get this sorted out. Any handy hints or tips are very welcome!

annep Tue 05-Jun-18 21:49:42

90 degree wash with machine cleaner. also when wash is finished leave door and dispenser drawer open to dry.

Nannymarg53 Mon 21-May-18 22:08:02

Stopped using fabric conditioner and hey presto - no more dirty lines on the clean washing and no more musty smell and no more gunge in the machine drawer! Anyone want to buy 2 large bottles of Comfort going cheap😂😂

Katek Mon 21-May-18 22:02:59

Perish the thought bikergran!! Most of our furniture can only be waxed/oiled so I tend to just flit round with a feather duster in between! Think I may have a duster and an ancient tin of Pledge under the sink somewhere

bikergran Mon 21-May-18 21:19:54

Katec shame on you.....your not still using Dhs old underpants as dusters are you!

I used to clean for elderly lady, she always used to give me her dhs old Y-Fronts to use as dusters and cleaning cloths! (there were always spotless lol)! blush

My smelly machine seems to be dissapearing! smile I think I will use the rest of the disinfectant then maybe try bit of bleach after a couple more washers see how it goes.

I have been leaving the machine door open which is a pain as I keep cracking my knees on it (swear words) when I'm making a cuppa. hmm

cc Fri 18-May-18 18:25:36

MadSad my dryer sometimes smells musty too, I found that the tank that holds the condensed water was getting green round the edges. A quick rinse through with disinfectant sorted it out.

Stansgran Fri 18-May-18 13:58:11

I've never used gel as the maintenance chap said they were his bread and butter. Ive used fairy tablets since the DGC were staying with me . Sadly they've stopped them so I'm moving to Persia tablets as I can't stand powder spills. I've never had a smell problem in the machine but always leave the door open. Never ever cleaned it out either and only cleaned the filter out once and the powder drawer twiceblush

Madsad Thu 17-May-18 13:57:22

For some reason have this problem with my dryer. I only ever put nearly dry clothes in it so nothing at all wet. I leave the door open and clean lint out but it often seems to have a bad damp smell which transfers itself to my clothes.

GabriellaG Wed 16-May-18 22:59:42

Keep the door of the machine open when not in use. Remember to dry after every use with a cloth between the 'lips' of the inner seal where water collects. I have a very small utility room, little more than a broom cupboard really and my machine is well over 10 years old but no smells ever.
I suggest you have someone come to disconnect and pull the machine away from the wall. You may have a small leak which has caused mould behind it.

lemongrove Wed 16-May-18 13:25:16

Sainsbury bio powder in the washes (4 washes now) have completely cured the pongy problem, so am switching to that all the time now, good results even at a 40 wash, and much cheaper than the gels.

Katek Wed 16-May-18 12:55:04

Cautiously optimistic-bleach and 60c seem to have worked. I’ll wait until bleach smell evaporates before making a final judgment.

Never had this problem with my trusty twin tub in the 70’s!

mancgirl Wed 16-May-18 11:55:29

humpty dumpty my mother never used anything but Persil, I should know better!

Nannymarg53 Wed 16-May-18 10:55:02

Further to the fabric conditioner thread - I’ve just found a forum discussion about fc and most people don’t use it as it clogs up your washing machine! We have soft water here. I don’t wash my underwear with Comfort because I’m allergic to it (horrid private part irritation 🙈) so I think I’ll try not using it for the rest of my washing and see what happens 🤔 I also read some people put white vinegar in the Conditioner drawer instead?? Might try that too 😃

humptydumpty Wed 16-May-18 10:49:15

mancgirl my experience exactly, never use liquid sachets anymore, only Persil powder tablets.

JanaNana Wed 16-May-18 10:26:08

JackyB ...I just put a large scoop of washing powder inside the drum at the start and then add the washing. It works in the same way as washing powder tablets which I used to buy at one stage which came with a small net bag to but them in. I then reasoned that just putting loose washing powder into the drum would work in the same way and it does. The liquid I use has a lid on the bottle which goes inside the drum with the measure of liquid in it.The powder is always used on a hot wash and does not leave any residue on the washing.

Katek Wed 16-May-18 09:59:44

Lol ^*bikergran*! Mine is currently running at 60c with bleach-will see what happens after this. Dh says not too often with the bleach as it can damage rubber and certain types of plastic piping. How often is too often?!

What’s a duster? grin

bikergran Wed 16-May-18 07:47:42

schicken lol have put that much stuff in now that the machine must wonder what the heck is going on..the smell doesnt seem as bad this morning when Ive got up but I will notice more when I have been out the house and come back in later today...we shall see..! hmm I have the nicest smelling dusters lol

JanT8 Wed 16-May-18 07:25:18

I never use fabric softeners now, just Dettol Laundry Cleanse. Because we can now wash at low temperatures it’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and using the Laundry Cleanse prevents this. This tip was given to me by a W/Mc engineer. I buy through Amazon.
Do you use the fabric sheets that enables you to do a mixed colours wash? I had an engineer out because of musty smells and machine didn’t seem to be draining properly. He fished out one of those sheets from the back of the filter, problem solved. Apparently this was problem he saw often.
His tip was use a safety pin and fasten to one of the garments before washing.

SpringyChicken Tue 15-May-18 23:03:39

lol 😂. Bikergran, you don’t do things by halves, do you?!!!!! I definitely said a capful on the cheap stuff each time you use the machine!

bikergran Tue 15-May-18 22:44:57

right..well..Ive poured half a bottle of zoflora lavender in wash drawer and run dusters through (stunk the place out ) lol..trouble is Ive come in house juts now and all I can smell is the zoflora so will see how it goes.

Gma29 Tue 15-May-18 21:24:06

I have been advised, if using fabric conditioner (particularly the concentrated type) to add a capful of water to it. This has stopped my machine getting slimy & clogged. I also always leave the door open after the last wash of the day. About once every six weeks I run an empty hot wash cycle using powder bio. I haven’t had a problem with musty odours since doing this.

mancgirl Tue 15-May-18 21:19:32

Just slightly off topic, does anyone else find that liquid tablets don't always dissolve and end up in a sticky mess on the laundry?

Herbie9 Tue 15-May-18 20:53:57

My Bosch washing machine is 18 years old and I use it about 3 times a week and now only use Persil non bio liquid on a 30/40 cycle. As mentioned by other gn, I always dry the drum and leave the door ajar. Never had a smelly problem to date.

Iam64 Tue 15-May-18 20:20:07

I had the engineer out some years ago. He said it's using gel and low temperature. His advice was to run a boil wash every now and then and maybe use powder or tablets, it worked.

The smelly dishwasher that wouldn't work, on the other hand - that was the dead mouse who got stuck half way up the drain pipe

Pat609 Tue 15-May-18 19:33:07

Do you use liquid tabs or liquid. I found my washer smelt awful after a few weeks of using them so went back to powder. The smell stopped.. Tried tabs again. Smell came back. Gone back to powder, stayed with powder, no problem since.

Legs55 Tue 15-May-18 19:17:22

I've never had a problem although I use Fairy Non Bio pods but never use fabric conditioner. I have a washer/drier, wash at 40C. When I've emptied the washing machine I always clean around the door seal to make sure there is no water left behind, door is never fully closed. I hope all concerned find a solution. I don't have Bio powder in the house as I'm allergic to ithmm