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Permission to apply hearing?

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Nana49 Mon 04-Jun-18 21:35:47

Hi, has anyone here been to a permission to apply hearing (with a view to a child arrangements order).
I just wonder whether they always have actual hearings to confirm you can apply for the child arrangement order?
Is there anyone with experience of this? Or what's your experiences?

annep Wed 06-Jun-18 06:26:15

No one seems to know anything. Try ringing C.A.B. maybe?

ninathenana Wed 06-Jun-18 06:55:31

I'm sure another GN member has posted about this in connection with her DGC
Maybe if you put it under another heading. As I thought it was going to be connected with hearing problems.
That could be just me though smile

NfkDumpling Wed 06-Jun-18 07:01:42

I assumed it was hearing problems too. That’s why I clicked on it. Weren’t there a couple of threads about a year ago, one gran I think deciding to go ahead. I wish I had a memory.

annep Wed 06-Jun-18 17:24:34

I agree. Maybe change the title 😊

muffinthemoo Thu 07-Jun-18 19:12:06

Can you post on the estrangement support thread in the Relationships forum? The ladies there are very knowledgable and supportive about court proceedings x