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Phoning australia

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AlieOxon Thu 14-Jun-18 14:38:54

Thanks, stella for future reference - but I think it's better to write just now, rather than be cold-calling...

stella1949 Thu 14-Jun-18 13:48:55

0061 8 xxxx xxxx

AlieOxon Thu 14-Jun-18 10:06:41

Ok, scrap this one!

HAZBEEN Thu 14-Jun-18 09:14:08

Have replied on your other thread!

AlieOxon Thu 14-Jun-18 09:04:46

I've been researching to see if I can find some relatives of my mother's who emigrated to Australia - and now have two addresses and phone numbers which MAY be them.

Query. If I have a West Australian number which goes
(08) XXXX XXXX ...... - what do I dial from here?

I've looked this up online and find it very confusing.
I've a BT landline, if that's relevant....

Or would it be better to write?
Help please?