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Has anyone tried Hello Fresh?

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phoenix Thu 14-Jun-18 23:46:36

Took a delivery for my boss today, jokingly referred to it as his "meals on wheels" grin

Having looked at their website, am wondering if it might be worth ago.

Just me & Mr P, he works full time I work 3 full days a week, a colleague who uses it (and is a bit of a foodie) says it's great, and works out to around £5 a meal.

phoenix Thu 14-Jun-18 23:47:38

Arrgh, need an edit function! Should of course be " a go"

SueDonim Thu 14-Jun-18 23:54:50

I ordered some for my dd and sil when they had their first baby recently. It was a huge success, they enjoyed all the meals, no waste, no having to menu-plan or shop, it was a real boon.

stella1949 Fri 15-Jun-18 01:42:28

My DD has been using it for about a year. She and her husband both have demanding jobs and young children, so shopping for groceries ( and thinking of what to eat every day) are often the last things on their "to do" list.

Using Hello Fresh has been a life-saver for them - they enjoy cooking, and now they have all the ingredients ready, plus the instruction card, for each night of the week. Usually one of them cooks up a quick and easy meal for the children, and the other cooks the Hello Fresh meal later when the children are in bed. They enjoy the meals and find them very user-friendly.

They say that it might be a bit more expensive , but they are eating healthy and interesting meals every evening, and there is no stress about the grocery shopping .

I wouldn't bother with it, since I have the luxury of time to shop for what I like, but for busy families I can see the advantages.

Grannyknot Fri 15-Jun-18 07:00:07

Phoenix I can't comment on HF, but we're signed up with Gousto, which I think is similar, and it is as Stella says her daughter finds, nice variety, quick and easy meals, all ingredients to hand. I've been very impressed with the quality of their meat. Our order is for 4 meals every fortnight, delivered on a Monday. In between, I am "spontaneous" smile about what I buy. Makes for a good variety of meals.

phoenix Fri 15-Jun-18 08:19:57

Many thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

felice Fri 15-Jun-18 09:54:18

A friend was telling me at the weekend that they use them all the time, they have 2 toddlers and both have interesting but tiring jobs the parents not the toddlershmm They love it, and have found it costs no more than shopping and cooking, although she recommeded not too many veggie boxes unless you really like eggs!

goldengirl Fri 15-Jun-18 12:40:44

I found it good value and the recipe cards are easy to follow. The food tastes fantastic and it's great to try new veg such as purple potatoes. Another plus was that my IBS spasms reduced considerably as I was not eating as much food with preservatives. Although I've not continued with HF I've loads of recipes cards and pick what I fancy each week. It makes me feel good just to eat good food! Recommend it

Lazigirl Fri 15-Jun-18 16:36:04

I can see the advantage of this too if you are cash rich but time poor, and certainly meals look very appetising. My DIL had ordered some for them last week. What would put me off would be the cost for two of us ie £29.90 for 3 meals.

Bathsheba Fri 15-Jun-18 16:54:34

Yes Phoenix I tried it recently and while the meals were lovely, I wouldn't say they're anything I wouldn't cook myself. What did somewhat irritate me was that the four meals I ordered ALL had a courgette in the ingredients - no other green veg at all. Yes, I know, I should have looked at the recipes first!
I think they're great for people who don't usually cook from scratch because they probably wouldn't have many/any of the store cupboard ingredients in, so following any other recipe could be an expensive experiment, with lots of leftover spices, sauces etc, that they may never use again. At least with HF, there is zero waste, which is great.
One of the meals I ordered included fresh prawns. Now, the way my week went, totally beyond my control, meant that I didn't have a chance to use this recipe until the day before the prawns' use by date. It had been very hot that week and although the prawns were in the fridge, needless to say the fridge gets opened and closed fairly regularly, and when I opened the pack, the prawns had gone off, so I had to buy more - another £3.50 on top of the already rather costly meals (but that was my fault, not theirs).
I probably won't use them again, but that's not because they're not good - the food was lovely with very clear, easy to follow instructions.
Actually, I did put a thread up about it at the time

phoenix Fri 15-Jun-18 17:26:22

I have been sent a link for free box! grin probably have to sign up for a regular thing, but from what I've read it's not hard to pause or cancel.