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lost mobile phone

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OldMeg Mon 09-Jul-18 12:23:26

Friend put her wallet on top of her car in the supermarket car park on Saturday and drove off, forgetting it was there.

She’s got it back today through the power of Facebook.

Missfoodlove Mon 09-Jul-18 12:05:43

If it’s an iPhone you can locate it from another device in “ find my iPhone”

jusnoneed Tue 03-Jul-18 08:26:43

There are ways to track down some phones, have you looked on Google?
They can be blocked too. Tell your network provider.

stella1949 Tue 03-Jul-18 01:56:22

Does he have "Find My Phone" on it ? You just put his number onto the website on your computer and it will tell you where the phone is.

NanaMacGeek Mon 02-Jul-18 21:06:17

Did your DH use a password, PIN or perhaps fingerprint to lock his phone? It can be a nuisance to use every time you want to use your phone but you get used to it and it would help to keep it more secure. Most modern phones have a 'Find my phone' setting on them as well although you have to set it up in advance (of losing it).

Melanieeastanglia Mon 02-Jul-18 21:01:07

These things are so easily done. My poor friend dropped her phone in the bath the other day and it cost quite a lot of money to repair it. I can only suggest "try ringing the number" but I daresay other people have suggested this. I really do hope you find it.

Fennel Mon 02-Jul-18 20:47:54

Thanks all.
He has rung the tip people and asked if it has been handed in, and tried ringing the number. but no luck yet.
He has so much information on his phone, but says he has backup. so I've given him mine .Maybe he'll be able to transfer the info onto that.
Just a bit worried about security.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 02-Jul-18 20:11:29

My friend got a call out of the blue one day and a young voice asked "Are you the Gran of this phone?" Turned out that her DGS, in another town, had lost his phone and this young man had found it, so she was able to arrange for it to be handed back to a very relieved DGS!

There are honest people around, so I hope one of them finds your DH's phone, Fennel. In the meantime, keep ringing it and hope that someone hears it.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Jul-18 18:49:38

My grandaughter was mortified she lost her fairly new phone the other day we honestly hunted everywhere under chairs, down sofas, rubbis bin, clothes basket, beds everywhere we rang but she knew it ran out of charge It was gone 24 hours then her friend said did you have it when we we were sitting on the shed roof and yes there it was, luckily no rain overnight
Hope you find it yes I d try FB local page

Eglantine21 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:44:17

I guess you’ve tried ringing it? I know that’s obvious but I just thought I’d ask.

It might be in the car. More than once I’ve found mine down the side of the seat.

I only found it when I rang.

Oopsadaisy53 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:43:55

Have you tried ringing it? Someone might have found it

Chewbacca Mon 02-Jul-18 18:40:35

Does your hometown have it's own Facebook page Fennel? The reason I ask is because our village does and there are often posts saying that someone has lost/found mobile phones, keys, bank cards etc. I'm amazed at how often things are reunited with their owners. Worth a try?

Fennel Mon 02-Jul-18 18:37:12

My husband is very upset because he lost his phone today.
He thinks it may have fallen out of his top shirt pocket when he was dumping some rubbish at the tip. (We're clearing out a lot of stuff after a house move.)
Rang the tip place to see if anyone has found it - no luck.
Any advice?