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Lawnmower recommendation

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Hetty58 Mon 20-Apr-20 11:03:30

wot, it has a lovely natural look - so just call it a wildlife garden, problem solved!

Parker247 Mon 20-Apr-20 10:35:22

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merlotgran Sun 08-Jul-18 17:05:21

We have a ride on mower but this year I bought a Flymo MightiMo which is cordless/battery operated. It's lightweight and great for smaller areas so when DH was in hospital I could at least cope with the lawn near the house. If I'd known we were going to have such a long drought I might not have bothered.

I can recommend it but our garden is flat so I don't know how easy it would be to use on a slope.

wot Sun 08-Jul-18 16:52:53

My garden has gone to ruin now.There are 20feet high brambles, assorted weeds and out of control raspberries. My ex couldn't have been as lazy as I thought! I did pay a man to cut down one lot of brambles but it cost a lot of money and he left them in a heap in the middle of the garden. The garden is approximately 60 x 60 feet. It does worry me a lot. Along the back are cypress trees which have grown enormously too. I attacked the nettles with weedkiller but with weedkiller, it leaves all the spiky stalks of the brambles. I think gardeners charge about £25 an hour, so that's not an option on my pension.

shysal Sun 08-Jul-18 13:53:43

Watering the 75 pots is a bit of a chore at the moment, but at least the grass isn't growing. I love pottering but hate the mowing and hedge cutting, especially next door's Leylandii!

Beechnut Sun 08-Jul-18 13:53:00

Your lawn sounds similar to mine kathsue. This year I bought a Qualcast 1400W because I felt it was similar to my old Flymo which also had wheels. I took it out of the row and pushed up and down the aisle to see if I liked it, and so far I do. The only thing I'm not keen on with it is that the grass box is collapsible but it's not a problem.

wot Sun 08-Jul-18 13:49:23

Shysal, what a beautiful garden!

shysal Sun 08-Jul-18 13:40:38

I also have a sloping garden, having to wear crampons to stay upright in places! I have used a Flymo with grass box for years, working my way from top to bottom of the lawn in sections, but thought I would try a small cordless with wheels last summer. It was a big mistake. It had wheels and a fixed handle and was the same weight, but I just couldn't manoeuvre it! Fortunately I had kept the old Flymo so have gone back to it. Sometimes when I can't be bothered to get it set up I strim the grass all over with my GTECH cordless trimmer and it is easier and takes less time, but of course doesn't collect the bits. I wish you luck with your search.

kathsue Sun 08-Jul-18 13:18:25

Can I ask for advice about a new lawnmower. I have a smallish sloping lawn. It slopes in both directions i.e. from top left to bottom right,if you see what I mean. I bought a Flymo hover mower, last time, thinking it would be easy to use but it always felt like I was pushing it uphill. There are no level parts of the garden.
Anyway I went out very early this morning, before it got too hot, and the **ing thing wouldn't start. It's out of warranty so it'll probably cheaper to buy a new one than get it repaired.
I've been looking online and found one with wheels (not a hover) which is quite light but I'm not sure whether the hover ones are easier to manoeuvre. I wish you could take them for a test drive!
If I were younger and fitter it wouldn't matter so much but I do struggle with cutting the grass. However, I'm determined to keep on gardening as long as I can.
Any suggestions gratefully received.