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Robot lawn mowers

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onaclearday Tue 17-Jul-18 22:59:37

Do any of you keen gardeners have one of these? My dear cousin has a large area which she doesn't know whether to cover with artificial grass interspersed with gravel beds or turf and a robot mower. I have artificial grass and LOVE it. We are both in our mid 70s so looking to enjoy our outdoor space rather than adding another chore. Your experience would be greatly appreciated.

ContraryMary88 Thu 26-Jul-18 11:56:33

Artificial Grass is another plastic product which indestructible and unable to be recycled, it also prevents wildlife from flourishing in a garden, no worms etc. for birds, no butterflies , or bees.

Maybe a tiny area of plastic grass with gravel or shingle areas to put pots on and encourage the insects?

I’m not sure how successful a robot mower is on very wet grass ( or what we call normal weather) and at the moment most lawns are brown, so at least she would have a patch of greenery in her garden if she opted for the fake one.

Grandma70s Thu 26-Jul-18 12:25:39

My son bought one recently when he broke his ankle and couldn’t use the mower. The lawn area of their garden is quite small. It has some sort of timer, and it trims the grass a little every night. He thinks it’s brilliant. I don’t know the make, though.