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Annual travel insurance

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Riverwalk Tue 24-Jul-18 13:50:33

Yes, so many variations! Mine needs to include the US.

The best so far has been Barclays Bank at £10.50 per month, with a minimum of six months' commitment.

PamelaJ1 Tue 24-Jul-18 13:19:43

£108 for 2 of us. Doesn’t include the US though.
When I was ringing round one company quoted much more because we were stopping in HK, never heard of that before.
As I grew up there I tend to think I’m still entitled to the equivalent of the NHS. I hope I never have to put it to the test!

Stansgran Tue 24-Jul-18 13:06:38

We are struggling to find good insurance. For years we kept to the same MMM and then they stopped. We had never claimed anything. We've now reverted to one off insurance per holiday. We can longer visit the states which was a worry as dd was debating a move there.get going is the current one if that's any help. Please note not an advert.

Nonnie Tue 24-Jul-18 12:43:52

I think so much depends on age and medications, don't think ours would be any guide for you.

Riverwalk Tue 24-Jul-18 12:42:08

How much are you paying for multiple-trip annual travel insurance? Mine needs renewing.

I used to automatically renew house contents insurance and after a number of years realised that I was paying way over the odds.

Just wondering what people are paying if they have no major illness, no skiing, nor participate in dangerous sports! I'm 63.